An in-core neutron monitor that employs vacuum microelectronic devices to configure an in-core instrument thimble assembly that monitors and wirelessly transmits a number of reactor parameters directly from the core of a nuclear reactor without the use of external cabling. The in-core instrument thimble assembly is substantially wholly contained within an instrument guide tube within …

Legal parties

Inventors (applicants): Michael A. James, Nicola G. Arlia, Robert W. Flammang, John G. Seidel, Jorge V. Carvajal
Assignees (initial): Westinghouse Electric Company LLC (Cranberry Township, US)
Agents: Westinghouse Electric Company LLC (attorney), Richard J. Coldren (attorney)

The application was examined by Bernarr Gregory (USPTO dept. 3646)


  • 1. A nuclear reactor in-core detector system including an in-core nuclear instrument thimble assembly comprising …
  • 2. The nuclear reactor in-core detector system of claim 1 wherein in addition to the amplifier …
  • 3. The nuclear reactor in-core detector system of claim 2 wherein the voltage controlled oscillator …

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Brief Description of the Drawings

A further understanding of the invention can be gained from the following description of the preferred embodiments when read in conjunction with the accompanying drawings in which: FIG. 1 is a schematic …


Cross Reference to Related Applications

This application is related to U.S. patent application Ser. No. 12/986,217, entitled SELF-POWERED WIRELESS IN-CORE DETECTOR, filed Jan. 7, 2011, concurrently herewith, now U.S. Pat. No. …

Description of the Preferred Embodiment

The primary side of nuclear power generating systems which are cooled with water under pressure comprises a closed circuit which is isolated from and in heat exchange relationship with a secondary …

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The grant date is Jul. 1, 2014 (publication date), similar categories include Pebble-bed reactors, Reactors with granular fuel, Casings, Jackets, Core catchers, Flux monitoring, Spatial arrangements allowing for Wigner growth, using infra-red-radiation detection systems, characterised by the transmission medium, Reactor Geometry (Or Part Thereof) Defined in Terms of Numerical Values, latching devices and ball couplings, indicator element moving about a pivot, e.g. hinged flap, rotating vane, Central alarm receiver or annunciator arrangements, using hydraulic transmission, using pneumatic transmission, means for keying or assembling moderator blocks together, Direct conversion of energy, Multiple or composite cladding-type layers, the exemplary patent drawings are Schematic representation of a self-powered, Schematic view of the interior, Plan view of an in-core, Wireless In-Core Neutron Monitor, categorized under Testing, Sensing, Measuring, or Detecting a Fission Reactor Condition as a primary classification, assigned to a United States company, the applicant's address - Harmony, PA, the published applicant's name is James Michael A., the grant number is 08767903, the invention description is illustrated by 9 drawings, the invention is named Wireless In-Core Neutron Monitor, the examination was conducted by Bernarr Gregory (primary examiner, 3646 USPTO department), the inventor's location - Pittsburgh, PA, the published inventor's name is Robert W. Flammang, invented by Michael A. James et al., the application publication date is Jan. 7, 2011, explained by 11 figures, the recorded agent's company is Westinghouse Electric Company LLC, claims 1-16 comprise the invention scope, the exemplary claims include number 9, the assignee organization is Westinghouse Electric Company LLC, located in Cranberry Township (US), the patent particularly claims a nuclear reactor in-core detector system including an in-core nuclear instrument…, the term of the patent was extended by 803 days, the application number is 12/986,242 (U.S.).

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The invention is classified under Signalling systems according to more than one of groups G08B 3/00-G08B 6/00, Personal calling systems according to more than one of groups G08B 3/00-G08B 6/00, Combined (TM system with other system), using electric transmission, Electric signal transmission systems, Structural combination of fuel element, control rod, reactor core, or moderator structure with sensitive instruments, e.g. for measuring radioactivity, strain, Flux monitoring, Directly generating electrical signal, Continuously Variable Indicating, Measuring reactor flux, Temperature, Condition responsive, Testing, Sensing, Measuring, or Detecting a Fission Reactor Condition, Monitoring, Testing. The designated search classifications include By movement of control element or by release of neutron absorbing material, Miscellaneous, With Control of Reactor, Testing, Sensing, Measuring, or Detecting a Fission Reactor Condition, Displacement, Magnetic, Combined (TM system with other system), Including control rod insertion and removal schemes, Rotary, Gas or Vapor Deposition, Continuously Variable Indicating, Responsive to force, Plural transmitters, By measuring electrical properties, Temperature, Condition responsive, Invisible Radiant Energy Responsive Electric Signalling, Dynamometers, Calibration or Standardization Methods.

Patent details
Publication number 08767903
Publication date Jul. 1, 2014
Kind code B2
Application number 12/986,242
Application date Jan. 7, 2011
Application type U
Application series code 12
Extension term 803
National classification 376/245
Total number of claims 16
Exemplary claims 9
Number of drawings 9
Number of figures 11
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