There are provided a variable inductor with little degradation in quality factor, and an oscillator and a communication system using the variable inductor. An inductance controller comprising a reactance device with a variable device value, such as, for example, a variable capacitor, is connected to a secondary inductor, magnetically coupled to a primary inductor through …

Legal parties

Inventors (applicants): Takahiro Nakamura, Toru Masuda
Assignees (initial): Renesas Electronics Corporation (Kanagawa, JP)
Agents: Mattingly & Malur, PC (attorney)

The application was examined by Joseph Chang (USPTO dept. 2817)


  • 1. A communication system comprising: …
  • 2. The communication system according to claim 1 , …
  • 3. The communication system according to claim 1 , …

International priority data

JP: 2004-324657 / Nov. 9, 2004 (national)

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Brief Description of the Drawings

FIG. 1 is a circuit block diagram of a first embodiment of a variable inductor according to the invention; FIG. 2 is a circuit diagram of the first embodiment of the variable …


Field of the Invention

The present invention relates to a technology capable of varying inductance of an inductor, and in particular, to a variable inductor suited for integration in a semiconductor device, and an oscillator …

Claim of Priority

The present patent application is a continuation of application Ser. No. 11/268,643, filed Nov. 8, 2005, which claims priority from Japanese Application No. JP 2004-324657 filed on Nov. 9, 2004 …

Detailed Description of the Preferred Embodiments

Referring to the accompanying drawings, there will be described in detail hereinafter a number of embodiments of a variable inductor according to the invention, and an oscillator and a communication …

More details about Variable Inductor, and Oscillator and Communication System Using the Same

Miscellaneous patent data

Numbered 13/004,379 (application), similar documents are classified under Using feedback to reduce distortion, noise or other interference, Plate circuit modulation, Details, using variable impedance driven mechanically or acoustically, Push-pull circuit, Polarisation of transmitted wave being modulated, Including microwave or distributed parameter structure, the element being a voltage-dependent capacitor, Including stabilization or alternatively distortion, noise or other interference prevention, reduction, or compensation, simulated by circuit comprising active element with at least three electrodes, e.g. reactance-tube circuit, illustrated by 23 drawings, the inventor's name is Masuda Toru, the invention is titled Variable Inductor, and Oscillator and Communication System Using the Same, the patent was granted on Aug. 6, 2013, the grant number is 08502614, the patent particularly claims a communication system comprising…, 29 figures are supplied with the description, the published applicant's name is Takahiro Nakamura, the claim number 1 is selected as exemplary, the assignee classification - a foreign company or corporation, categorized under Phase Shift Keying Modulator or Quadrature Amplitude Modulator as a primary classification, 16 claims comprise the protection scope, the term of the patent was extended by 271 days, the examination was conducted by Joseph Chang, the main examiner (2817 USPTO department), the application was published on Jan. 11, 2011, developed by Takahiro Nakamura et al., located in Kanagawa (JP), the assignee company is Renesas Electronics Corporation, the drawings include the following: Graph illustrating inductance's dependency on capacitance, Circuit block diagram of a first, Variable Inductor, and Oscillator and Communication, Circuit diagram of the first, the published agent's company name - Mattingly & Malur, PC.

Invention classification information

The invention is classified under with frequency-determining element comprising lumped inductance and capacitance, Variable inductance device, Details, Phase Shift Keying Modulator or Quadrature Amplitude Modulator, L-C Type Oscillators. The designated search classifications include L-C Type Oscillators, Variable inductance device, Phase Shift Keying Modulator or Quadrature Amplitude Modulator.

Patent details
Publication number 08502614
Publication date Aug. 6, 2013
Kind code B2
Application number 13/004,379
Application date Jan. 11, 2011
Application type U
Application series code 13
Extension term 271
National classification 332/103
Total number of claims 16
Exemplary claims 1
Number of drawings 23
Number of figures 29
Terminal disclaimer
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