Certain aspects of the present disclosure relate to a method for generating spread-spectrum coded signals for transmission in a wireless communication system, and particularly for generating spread sequences of data with spreading codes that facilitate computationally efficient frequency-domain processing …

Legal parties

Inventors (applicants): Ismail Lakkis
Assignees (initial): QUALCOMM Incorporated (San Diego, US)
Agents: Dang M. Vo (attorney)

The application was examined by Tesfaldet Bocure (USPTO dept. 2634)


  • 1. A method for wireless communications, comprising: …
  • 2. The method of claim 1 , wherein applying each row of the matrix to one of the repeated …
  • 3. The method of claim 1 , wherein the matrix is a Hadamard matrix. …

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Brief Description of the Drawings

So that the manner in which the above-recited features of the present disclosure can be understood in detail, a more particular description, briefly summarized above, may be had by reference …



1. Field Certain aspects of the present disclosure generally relate to a wireless communication and, more particularly, to a method for spreading of a transmission signal. 2. Background Spread-spectrum coding …


The present application for patent is a Divisional of U.S. patent application Ser. No. 12/412,797 entitled “SPREAD-SPECTRUM CODING OF DATA BURSTS,” filed Mar. 27, 2009, which claims priority to Provisional …

Detailed Description

Various aspects of the disclosure are described more fully hereinafter with reference to the accompanying drawings. This disclosure may, however, be embodied in many different forms and should not be construed …

More details about Spread-Spectrum Coding of Data Bursts

Miscellaneous patent data

The grant number is 08477827 (publication number), the patent particularly claims a method for wireless communications, comprising…, the drawings include the following: example transmitter that may be used, various components that may be utilized, example wireless communication system, Spread-Spectrum Coding of Data Bursts, the application number is 13/446,260 (U.S.), the invention is named Spread-Spectrum Coding of Data Bursts, the claim number 1 is selected as exemplary, an application examiner - Tesfaldet Bocure (2634 USPTO department), invented by Ismail Lakkis, the patent was granted on Jul. 2, 2013, the inventor's location - San Diego, CA, the inventor's name is Lakkis Ismail, 17 claims comprise the protection scope, categorized under Transmitter as a primary classification, similar classification categories are Using spatial prediction, using frequency hopping, Synchronizer pattern recognizers, Transmission systems characterised by the medium used for transmission, not provided for in groups H04B 3/00-H04B 11/00, Miscellaneous, reducing bandwidth of signals, for improving efficiency of transmission, Predictive, Photonic quantum communication, Interference-related aspects, Block or macroblock, the assignee is categorized as a United States company, the assignee company is QUALCOMM Incorporated located in San Diego (US), the application was published on Apr. 13, 2012, the applicant's address - San Diego, CA, the known applicant's name is Ismail Lakkis, the invention details are shown in 11 figures, the invention description is illustrated by 9 drawings, the agent's name is Dang M. Vo.

Invention classification information

The invention is classified under Transmitter, Spread spectrum techniques. The designated search classifications include Direct sequence, Spread Spectrum, Plural channels for transmission of a single pulse train, Generalized Orthogonal or Special Mathematical Techniques, By filtering, Particular set of orthogonal functions, Fourier transform, Multi-receiver or interference cancellation, Plural diversity, Walsh functions, Transmitter, Transmitters.

Patent details
Publication number 08477827
Publication date Jul. 2, 2013
Kind code B2
Application number 13/446,260
Application date Apr. 13, 2012
Application type U
Application series code 13
National classification 375/146
Total number of claims 17
Exemplary claims 1
Number of drawings 9
Number of figures 11
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