A method of making a sintered article in which a solid object is embedded includes forming a green body of compressed particles with the solid body is partially embedded. The green body includes an opening across which the solid body extends. The green body is sintered to form a sintered body and the opening permits …

Legal parties

Inventors (applicants): David A. Evans
Assignees (initial): Evans Capacitor Company (East Providence, US)
Agents: Leydig, Voit & Mayer, Ltd. (attorney)

The application was examined by George Wyszomierski (USPTO dept. 1733), Ngoclan T Mai


  • 1. A method of making a sintered valve metal anode precursor for a capacitor, the method …
  • 2. The method of making a sintered valve metal anode precursor according to claim 1 including …
  • 3. The method of making a sintered valve metal anode precursor according to claim 1 including …

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Brief Description of Drawing Figures

FIGS. 1A and 1B are, respectively, plan views of a prior art green body and a prior art sintered body of a precursor of an anode structure for use in a capacitor. …



The present invention concerns a sintered article, and a method of producing the sintered article. The method and article are particularly useful in making, and as, a low equivalent series …

Detailed Description

An important feature of the invention is the provision of a stress-relieving structure in a green body in which at least part of a solid body is present. The stress-relieving …

More details about Sintering Method, Particularly for Forming Low ESR Capacitor Anodes

Miscellaneous patent data

The assignee is a United States company, the exemplary patent drawings are respectively, plan views of a prior, Schematic, cross-sectional view of the prior, Schematic, exploded view of a prior, Sintering Method, Particularly for Forming, the exemplary claims include number 1, the inventor's first name is David A., and his last name is Evans, the inventor's address - Seekonk, MA, the application was examined by George Wyszomierski, Ngoclan T Mai (1733 USPTO department), the patent particularly claims a method of making a sintered valve metal anode precursor for a capacitor…, 11 claims comprise the protection scope, the grant number is 08741214 (publication number), the application publication date is Oct. 17, 2011, the grant publication date is Jun. 3, 2014, similar categories include Boride containing, Press-moulding apparatus therefor, Plural heating steps including sintering, Consolidation of powders, Both compacting and sintering, Articles by Uniting Randomly Associated Metal Particles, one or more parts not made from powder, spraying molten metal, i.e. spray sintering, spray casting, Rare earth oxide, in successive or repeated steps, illustrated by 6 drawings, the recorded agent's organization is Leydig, Voit & Mayer, Ltd., numbered 13/274,393 (application), the assignee organization is Evans Capacitor Company, located in East Providence (US), the invention details are shown in 12 figures, the patent was extended by 374 days, categorized under Powder next to solid as a primary classification, the invention is named Sintering Method, Particularly for Forming Low ESR Capacitor Anodes, invented by David A. Evans, the published applicant's name is David A. Evans, the applicant's address - Seekonk, MA.

Invention classification information

The invention is classified under Consolidation of powder prior to sintering, Subsequent heat treatment, Anode type electrode, Lead extends into body of capacitor, With significant lead, Post sintering operation, Anode riser, Aluminum or tantalum, Powder next to solid, of articles with cavities or holes, not otherwise provided for in the preceding subgroups, Both compacting and sintering, Sintered electrodes, Aluminum or tantalum, with one or more layers not made from powder, e.g. made from solid metal. The designated search classifications include Powder next to solid.

Patent details
Publication number 08741214
Publication date Jun. 3, 2014
Kind code B2
Application number 13/274,393
Application date Oct. 17, 2011
Application type U
Application series code 13
Extension term 374
National classification 419/8
Total number of claims 11
Exemplary claims 1
Number of drawings 6
Number of figures 12
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