A semiconductor vertical resonant cavity light source includes an upper mirror and a lower minor that define a vertical resonant cavity. A first active region is within the vertical resonant cavity for light generation between the upper minor and lower mirror. The vertical resonant cavity includes an inner mode confinement region and an outer current …

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Inventors (applicants): Sabine M. Freisem, Dennis G. Deppe
Assignees (initial): sdPhotonics, LLC (Oviedo, US), University of Central Florida Research Foundation, Inc. (Orlando, US)
Agents: Jetter & Associates, P.A. (attorney)

The application was examined by Michael Carter, Jessica Stultz (USPTO dept. 2828)


  • 1. A semiconductor vertical resonant cavity light source, comprising: …
  • 2. The vertical light source of claim 1 , wherein said conducting channel comprises a selective …
  • 3. The vertical light source of claim 1 , wherein said upper minor comprises a p-type …

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Brief Description of the Drawings

FIG. 1A is a schematic cross sectional diagram of a semiconductor vertical cavity diode light source that includes a selective diffusion that provides a conducting channel through an otherwise current …



Disclosed embodiments relate to semiconductor vertical cavity diode light sources that include structures for optical and electrical confinement, and to vertical cavity diode light sources used to excite lateral cavity …

Cross Reference to Related Applications

This application claims the benefit of Provisional Application Ser. No. 61/432,938 entitled “SEMICONDUCTOR LIGHT SOURCES INCLUDING DEPLETED HETEROSTRUCTURES FOR OPTICAL AND ELECTRICAL CONFINEMENT”, filed Jan. 14, 2011, which is herein …

Detailed Description

Disclosed embodiments in this Disclosure are described with reference to the attached figures, wherein like reference numerals are used throughout the figures to designate similar or equivalent elements. The figures …

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The inventor's city is Oviedo, state - FL, the published inventor's name is Dennis G. Deppe, assigned to a United States company, 13 figures depict the invention details, similar classification categories are transversely excited, using optical pumping, Aerodynamic window, having a travelling wave passing through the active medium, Neat Thing, Long Wavelength, Buried mesa structure, having a ridge or a stripe structure, Solar, Having implant region, the patent extension term is 127 days, the protection scope is defined by 8 claims, the patent was granted on Jul. 8, 2014, the invention description is illustrated by 8 drawings, developed by Sabine M. Freisem et al., the applicant's city - Orlando, state - FL, the known applicant's name is Freisem Sabine M., the application publication date is Jan. 17, 2012, includes the following drawings: semiconductor light source comprising a dense, Semiconductor Light Sources Including Selective, Schematic cross sectional diagram of a semiconductor, band diagrams depicting the shape, numbered 13/352,050 (application), the published agent's organization is Jetter & Associates, P.A., the assignee location is Orlando (US); its company is University of Central Florida Research Foundation, Inc., application examiners - Jessica Stultz, Michael Carter (2828 USPTO department), categorized under With vertical output (surface emission) as a primary classification, the invention is named Semiconductor Light Sources Including Selective Diffusion for Optical and Electrical Confinement, the patent particularly claims a semiconductor vertical resonant cavity light source, comprising…, the grant publication number is 08774246, the claim number 1 is selected as exemplary.

Invention classification information

The invention is classified under Particular current control structure, With vertical output (surface emission), having a vertical cavity, Having implant region, Phase locked, using a distributed Bragg reflector, Particular confinement layer, Pumping with optical or radiant energy. The designated search classifications include Phase locked, Having implant region, With vertical output (surface emission), Pumping with optical or radiant energy, Particular confinement layer, Particular current control structure.

Patent details
Publication number 08774246
Publication date Jul. 8, 2014
Kind code B1
Application number 13/352,050
Application date Jan. 17, 2012
Application type U
Application series code 13
Extension term 127
National classification 372/50.124
Total number of claims 8
Exemplary claims 1
Number of drawings 8
Number of figures 13
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