A mechanism for separating single coins from a plurality of coins provided within a coin dispensing apparatus. The mechanism comprises a housing defining a coin dispensing path, coin transport means for urging coins along the coin dispensing path; and first and second biased coin stripping members located adjacent each other and disposed successively in the coin …

Legal parties

Inventors (applicants): David Bellis
Assignees (initial): Innovative Technology Limited (Oldham, GB)
Agents: Woodard, Emhardt, Moriarty, McNett and Henry LLP (attorney)

The application was examined by Jeffrey Shapiro (USPTO dept. 3653)


  • 1. A mechanism for separating single coins from a plurality of coins provided within a coin …
  • 2. The mechanism of claim 1 , wherein the coin transport means is arranged to urge …
  • 3. The mechanism of claim 1 , further comprising a motor arranged to drive the rotatable …

International priority data

GB: 0501566.4 / Jan. 25, 2005 (national)
GB: 0502040.9 / Feb. 1, 2005 (national)

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Brief Description of the Drawings

Methods and apparatus according to the presently preferred embodiment of the invention will now be described by way of example, with reference to the accompanying drawings in which: FIG. 1 is a sectional …


Reference to Related Applications

The present application is a national stage of International Patent Application PCT/GB2006/000249, filed 25 Jan. 2006, which claims the benefit of Great Britain Patent Application Serial No. 0501566.4, filed 25 Jan. …

Detailed Description of the Presently Preferred Embodiment

Referring firstly to FIG. 1 , there is shown a coin dispensing hopper 2 comprising a housing 4, a coin store 6 for holding a bulk of coins, a coin …

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Miscellaneous patent data

The grant publication date is Mar. 11, 2014, the invention is named Relating to Coin Dispensing, the published applicant's name is Bellis David, the assignee is a foreign company or corporation, the assignee location is Oldham (GB); its organization is Innovative Technology Limited, illustrated by 6 drawings, the grant number is 08668559 (publication number), the exemplary claims include number 18, the published inventor's name is David Bellis, the application publication date is Jan. 25, 2006, the patent particularly claims a mechanism for separating single coins from a plurality of coins provided within…, similar categories include Microwaves, Compound movement, dispensing change equal to a sum deposited, Rectilinearly reciprocating, Rotation device conveys coins through assorter, means to wrap delivered coins, Testing the rim, e.g. the milling of the rim, Coin dispensers, using wave or particle radiation, Finger actuated, the invention details are shown in 14 figures, the exemplary patent drawings are Enlarged, partially open top view, partial sectional view along an imaginary, Relating to Coin Dispensing, Sectional side view of a hopper, the examination was conducted by Jeffrey Shapiro, the main examiner (3653 USPTO department), categorized under Apertured coin mover as a primary classification, the known agent's company name - Woodard, Emhardt, Moriarty, McNett and Henry LLP, numbered 11/814,627 (application), 39 claims comprise the protection scope, invented by David Bellis, the patent was extended by 1327 days.

Invention classification information

The invention is classified under Coin dispensers, Centrifugal device conveys coins through assorter, Rotary, Apertured coin mover, Spring biased, Resilient outlet, Rotary. The designated search classifications include Rotation device is apertured plate, Rotary, Rotation device conveys coins through assorter, Centrifugal device conveys coins through assorter, Centrifugal device conveys coins through assorter, Rotary.

Patent details
Publication number 08668559
Publication date Mar. 11, 2014
Kind code B2
Application number 11/814,627
Application date Jan. 25, 2006
Application type U
Application series code 11
Int. pub. country WO
Int. pub. number WO2006/079803
Int. publication Aug. 3, 2006
Int. filing country WO
Int. filing PCT/GB2006/000249
Filed internationally Jan. 25, 2006
National stage date Apr. 24, 2008
Extension term 1327
National classification 453/33
Total number of claims 39
Exemplary claims 18
Number of drawings 6
Number of figures 14
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