A fire suppression system with a visible status indicator positioned within a ventilation hood of a stove is described. The fire suppression system comprises a container within which resides a fire suppressing material and an expulsion activation mechanism subassembly. The fire suppressing material further comprises a dye colorant material. The system further comprising a light …

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Inventors (applicants): Conrad S. Mikulec
Agents: Lakeview Patents LLC (attorney)

The application was examined by Justin Jonaitis, Len Tran (USPTO dept. 3752)


  • 1. A fire suppression system, comprising: …
  • 2. The system of claim 1 wherein the fire suppression system is positionable within a ventilation …
  • 3. The system of claim 2 wherein a light translucent opening resides within a portion …

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Brief Description of the Drawings

FIG. 1 illustrates a perspective view of an embodiment of the fire suppression system of the present invention positioned within a canopy portion of a ventilation hood over a stove. …


Background of the Invention

1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to fire suppression apparatuses, assemblies and systems, more specifically, to a fire suppression system for stoves, ovens, and other cooking appliances. …

Cross-Reference to Related Application

The present application claims priority from U.S. Provisional Application Ser. No. 61/546,576 filed Oct. 13, …

Detailed Description of the Preferred Embodiments

Now referring to the figures, FIGS. 1-3 , 3A, 4-5, and 9-12 illustrate embodiments of a fire suppression system 10 of the present invention. The fire suppression system 10 comprises …

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The application was examined by Justin Jonaitis, Len Tran (3752 USPTO department), the primary classification For cooking installation has been designated to the document, particularly claims a fire suppression system, comprising…, the grant publication date is Aug. 27, 2013, similar classification categories are Electrical control, acid container without closure device, Direct support, different media, movable acid container ruptured by falling when operated, Miscellaneous: e.g., Blowers, railway car heaters, Shut off valve, Control of fire-fighting equipment, comprising an outlet device containing a sensor, or itself being the sensor, i.e. self-contained sprinklers, the agent - Lakeview Patents LLC, 16 figures depict the invention details, developed by Conrad S. Mikulec, the application number is 13/652,435 (U.S.), the exemplary claims include number 1, claims 1-50 comprise the invention scope, the invention is titled Range Hood Fire Suppression System With Visible Status Indication, the published applicant's name is Mikulec Conrad S., the applicant's state - NY, city - Buffalo, the application was published on Oct. 15, 2012, the drawings include the following: Perspective view of a preferred, Range Hood Fire Suppression System, perspective view of an embodiment, perspective view of an embodiment, illustrated by 14 drawings, the inventor's last name is Mikulec, and his first name is Conrad S., the inventor's location - Buffalo, NY, the grant number is 08517117 (publication number).

Invention classification information

The invention is classified under For cooking installation, Piston discharge, Sensor, control and actuator, Fire prevention, containment or extinguishing specially adapted for particular objects or places, Releasing means, e.g. electrically released, Condition responsive control, Portable extinguishers with manually-operated pumps, Control of fire-fighting equipment. The designated search classifications include Fusible cable, For cooking installation, Sensor, control and actuator, Condition responsive control, Piston discharge, Having fusible plug, support, or holder, Portable Vessels, Having frangible extinguishant holder.

Patent details
Publication number 08517117
Publication date Aug. 27, 2013
Kind code B2
Application number 13/652,435
Application date Oct. 15, 2012
Application type U
Application series code 13
National classification 169/65
Total number of claims 50
Exemplary claims 1
Number of drawings 14
Number of figures 16
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