Implementations of a quick connect and disconnect (QCD) system for connecting and disconnecting a load via a rope to a pulling force include a primary load bar connected to a first rail and a second rail and a compression pin assembly to be inserted between the first rail and the second rail. The rails may be in a variety …

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Inventors (applicants): Charles Dwight Jarvis
Agents: The Law Office of Charlena Thorpe, Inc. (attorney), Charlena Thorpe, Esq. (attorney)

The application was examined by Shaun R Hurley (USPTO dept. 3765)


  • 1. A quick connect and disconnect (QCD) system for connecting/disconnecting a load via a rope …
  • 2. The QCD system of claim 1 wherein the primary load bar comprises an outer …
  • 3. The QCD system of claim 1 wherein the second hole of the second rail …

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Brief Description of the Drawings

FIGS. 1A and 1B illustrate an example implementation of a quick connect and disconnect (QCD) system according to the principles of the present disclosure. FIG. 2 illustrates an example …


Technical Field

This disclosure relates to a quick connect and disconnect rope …

Detailed Description

Various implementations of this disclosure provide apparatuses and methods for quickly and reliable connecting and disconnecting a rope that may be attached to a load on one end to a pulling …

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The application was examined by Shaun R Hurley (3765 USPTO department), 7 claims comprise the protection scope, the applicant's address - Jonesboro, GA, the recorded applicant's name is Charles Dwight Jarvis, the grant number is 08608211, developed by Charles Dwight Jarvis, the invention details are shown in 31 figures, the inventor's state is GA, city - Jonesboro, the inventor's last name is Jarvis, and his first name is Charles Dwight, the application publication date is Mar. 19, 2013, the grant publication date is Dec. 17, 2013, the claim number 1 is selected as exemplary, numbered 13/847,317 (application), the known agent's company name - The Law Office of Charlena Thorpe, Inc., originally classified under Methods, the patent particularly claims a quick connect and disconnect (QCD) system for connecting/disconnecting a load…, the drawings include the following: example implementation of a quick, example implementation of the compression, example implementation of the primary, Quick Connect and Disconnect Rope, the invention is titled Quick Connect and Disconnect Rope System, similar classification categories are comprising weights, Notched disk, Cord guides, Folding webs, Methods of making reels, bobbins, cop tubes, or the like by working an unspecified material, or several materials, Friction retainers acting on under or rear side of article being separated, Cord holders, Pivoted inner jaw, Sleeve and spindle, Article or web delivery apparatus incorporating devices for performing specified auxiliary operations, the invention description is illustrated by 17 drawings.

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The invention is classified under Methods, by knotting. The designated search classifications include Miscellaneous, Knotters, Methods, Hand Implements.

Patent details
Publication number 08608211
Publication date Dec. 17, 2013
Kind code B1
Application number 13/847,317
Application date Mar. 19, 2013
Application type U
Application series code 13
National classification 289/1.5
Total number of claims 7
Exemplary claims 1
Number of drawings 17
Number of figures 31
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