The use of filler for the manufacture of paper and board products the air permeability of which does not substantially change as a function of the amount of filler, the filler being at least in part made up of cellulose or lignocellulose fibrils on which there have been deposited light-scattering material particles the proportion …

Legal parties

Inventors (applicants): Petri Silenius, Risto Kekki
Assignees (initial): M-real Oyj (Espoo, FI)
Agents: Kubovcik & Kubovcik (attorney)

The application was examined by Mark Halpern (USPTO dept. 1741), Dennis Cordray


  • 1. A method for controlling air permeability in paper and board products such that the air permeability …
  • 2. The method according to claim 1 , characterized in that the filler comprises cellulose …
  • 3. The method according to claim 1 , characterized in that the precipitated calcium carbonate …

International priority data

FI: 20021900 / Oct. 24, 2002 (national)

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Brief Description of Drawings

The accompanying drawing shows a graphic representation of air penetration resistances of various fillers as a function of the mineral pigment …


Field of the Invention

The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing paper and board products having an air permeability which does not substantially change as a function of the amount …

Detailed Explanation of the Invention

Next, the invention will be examined more closely with the aid of a detailed description. FI Patent Specification No. 100729 discloses a filler for use in papermaking, the filler comprising …

Description of Preferred Embodiments

Below, the preparation of the filler and the fiber web is examined in greater detail: Preparation of Filler The filler used in the invention is based on fibrils obtained …

More details about Method for Manufacturing Paper and Board

Miscellaneous patent data

The assignee is categorized as a foreign company or corporation, the application number is 10/532,085 (U.S.), 1 figures are supplied with the description, includes the following drawings: Method for Manufacturing Paper and Board, the application publication date is Oct. 24, 2003, particularly claims a method for controlling air permeability in paper and board products such…, the known inventor's name is Petri Silenius, the grant number is 08491755 (publication number), similar documents are classified under comprising macromolecular compounds obtained by reactions only involving carbon-to-carbon unsaturated bonds, About foraminous core, characterised by configuration, Colorants, heat exchange means, compounds containing hydrogen bound to nitrogen, Means removing web product from molding surface, chlorine, chlorine compounds, oxygen, ozone, or per-compounds, impermeable belt structure or impermeable belt composition, Controlling or regulating not limited to any particular process or apparatus, the assignee company is M-real Oyj located in Espoo (FI), 7 claims comprise the protection scope, developed by Risto Kekki et al., the invention is named Method for Manufacturing Paper and Board, the applicant's last name is Silenius, and his first name is Petri, the term of the grant was extended by 207 days, the patent is illustrated by 1 drawings, the grant date is Jul. 23, 2013 (publication date), the claim number 1 is selected as exemplary, the application was examined by Mark Halpern, the assistant Dennis Cordray (1741 USPTO department), the published agent's organization is Kubovcik & Kubovcik, the primary classification Metal salt other than silicate has been designated to the document.

Invention classification information

The invention is classified under modified, e.g. by association with other compositions prior to incorporation in the pulp or paper, Inorganic, With coating after drying, Metal salt other than silicate, Non-fiber additive.

Patent details
Publication number 08491755
Publication date Jul. 23, 2013
Kind code B2
Application number 10/532,085
Application date Oct. 24, 2003
Application type U
Application series code 10
Int. pub. country WO
Int. pub. number WO2004/038100
Int. publication May. 6, 2004
Int. filing country WO
Int. filing PCT/FI03/00795
Filed internationally Oct. 24, 2003
National stage date Apr. 21, 2005
Extension term 207
National classification 162/181.2
Total number of claims 7
Exemplary claims 1
Number of drawings 1
Number of figures 1
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