A machining apparatus has a frame defining a transfer station and a machining station thereabove, a spindle having a workpiece grab and vertically displaceable on the frame between an upper position with the grab in the machining station and a lower position with the grab in the transfer station, a tool holder horizontally displaceable on the frame …

Legal parties

Inventors (applicants): Helmut Schuster, Norbert Hessbrueggen, Markus Schuster, Markus Hessbrueggen
Assignees (initial): Emag Holding GmbH (Salach, DE)
Agents: Andrew Wilford (attorney)

The application was examined by Daniel Howell (USPTO dept. 3722), Nicole N Ramos


  • 1. A method of operating a machining apparatus having: …
  • 2. The method defined in claim 1 , wherein the frame defines a second machining …
  • 3. The method defined in claim 2 , wherein the conveyor passes between the transfer …

International priority data

DE: 10 2010 051 866 / Nov. 22, 2010 (national)

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Brief Description of the Drawing

The above and other objects, features, and advantages will become more readily apparent from the following description, reference being made to the accompanying drawing in which: FIG. is an operator-side …


Field of the Invention

The present invention relates to a machining apparatus. More particularly this invention concerns a method of loading and unloading such …

Detailed Description

As seen in FIG. 1 a machining apparatus 1 has a basically parallepipedal frame with side walls 4 and 4′ and a front wall 16. The front wall 4 carries …

More details about Machining Apparatus and Method of Loading and Unloading Same

Miscellaneous patent data

The exemplary claims include number 1, the application publication date is Nov. 22, 2011, similar categories include Feeding other members supporting tools or work, e.g. saddles, tool-slides, through mechanical transmission, Driving or feeding mechanisms, Control arrangements therefor, a single rotating pair, Tapers, Combinations or associations of metal-working machines not directed to a particular result according to classes B21, B23, or B24, Sensing by using magnetic means, program control, Multiple, tool groove in support roll(s), Including axial cam, the exemplary patent drawings are Top view of the FIG., Machining Apparatus and Method of Loading, Two-spindle machine according to the invention, large-scale view of a detail, the grant number is 08661950 (publication number), categorized under Process of Turning as a primary classification, the application was examined by Nicole N Ramos, Daniel Howell (3722 USPTO department), the patent particularly claims a method of operating a machining apparatus having…, the patent was extended by 304 days, the assignee company is Emag Holding GmbH located in Salach (DE), illustrated by 6 drawings, invented by Markus Hessbrueggen et al., the applicant's last name is Hessbrueggen, and his first name is Norbert, the inventor's name is Markus Hessbrueggen, the invention details are shown in 5 figures, numbered 13/302,022 (application), the invention is named Machining Apparatus and Method of Loading and Unloading Same, 11 claims comprise the protection scope, the grant publication date is Mar. 4, 2014, the assignee is a foreign company or corporation, the agent's name is Andrew Wilford.

Invention classification information

The invention is classified under Process of Turning, Chip Removal, Vertical, Magazine type, Protective coverings for parts of machine tools, Splash guards, Multiple. The designated search classifications include With work feeder or remover, With tool turret, Bed, Vertical, Chip Removal, With means to protect operative or machine, Multiple, Magazine type, Process of Turning, With means to remove chip.

Patent details
Publication number 08661950
Publication date Mar. 4, 2014
Kind code B2
Application number 13/302,022
Application date Nov. 22, 2011
Application type U
Application series code 13
Extension term 304
National classification 82/1.11
Total number of claims 11
Exemplary claims 1
Number of drawings 6
Number of figures 5
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