A plasma source includes a first rod forming a quarterwave antenna, surrounded by at least one parallel rod forming a coupler and which is substantially the same length as the first rod, set to a reference potential, the coupler rods being evenly distributed radially about the first rod, at a distance of around one-fifth to one-twentieth …

Legal parties

Inventors (applicants): Pascal Sortais, Thierry Lamy
Assignees (initial): Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (Paris Cedex, FR)
Agents: Vedder Price PC (attorney)

The application was examined by Shawki Ismail (USPTO dept. 2844), Nelson Correa


  • 1. A plasma source excited by a high-frequency signal comprising a first rod forming a quarter-wave …
  • 2. The plasma source of claim 1 associated with a high-frequency generator in the range …
  • 3. An application of the plasma source of claim 1 to the forming of a light …

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FR: 08 57068 / Oct. 17, 2008 (national)

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Brief Description of the Drawings

The foregoing and other objects, features, and advantages of the present invention will be discussed in detail in the following non-Limiting description of specific embodiments in connection with the accompanying …


Field of the Invention

The present invention relates to a gaseous plasma source and more specifically to a source in which the plasma is obtained by interaction between a high-frequency electromagnetic radiation and a low-pressure …

Detailed Description

FIGS. 1A , 1B, and 1C show a plasma source comprising, in a vacuum enclosure, on a support 1, a central rod 3 forming a substantially quarter-wave antenna at the considered …

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The primary classification With magnetic field has been designated to the document, the invention is named Low-Power Gaseous Plasma Source, particularly claims a plasma source excited by a high-frequency signal comprising a first rod forming…, developed by Pascal Sortais et al., assigned to a foreign company or corporation, 9 claims comprise the protection scope, the published applicant's name is Lamy Thierry, the assignee location is Paris Cedex (FR); its organization is Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, the exemplary claims include number 1, the patent is illustrated by 4 drawings, the application number is 13/124,451 (U.S.), the patent was granted on Mar. 4, 2014, the grant number is 08664862, the patent grant extension term is 236 days, similar categories include Cavities, Resonators, using applied electric and magnetic fields, Pre-selectable switching systems, Including electrostatic element, Plural Series Connected Load Devices, using an arc, Vacuum chambers, Magnetic induction accelerators, e.g. betatrons, Auxiliary discharge type, Thermostatic controlled delaying means, the recorded agent's company name - Vedder Price PC, was examined by Nelson Correa, the assistant, Shawki Ismail, the main examiner (2844 USPTO department), 19 figures are supplied with the description, the application was published on Oct. 16, 2009, includes the following drawings: 1B and 1C respectively show, Low-Power Gaseous Plasma Source, Simplified front view of a plasma, equipotential lines for various plasma, the inventor's first name is Thierry, and his last name is Lamy.

Invention classification information

The invention is classified under using applied magnetic fields, e.g. for focusing or rotating the arc, Plasma generating, With magnetic field, Generating plasma, Plasma containment. The designated search classifications include Load device and impedance, Discharge Device Load With Fluent Material Supply to the Discharge Space, Inductive impedance connected between electrodes of a discharge device load.

Patent details
Publication number 08664862
Publication date Mar. 4, 2014
Kind code B2
Application number 13/124,451
Application date Oct. 16, 2009
Application type U
Application series code 13
Int. pub. country WO
Int. pub. number WO2010/043831
Int. publication Apr. 22, 2010
Int. filing country WO
Int. filing PCT/FR2009/051986
Filed internationally Oct. 16, 2009
National stage date Jul. 7, 2011
Extension term 236
National classification 315/111.41
Total number of claims 9
Exemplary claims 1
Number of drawings 4
Number of figures 19
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