The invention relates to a hand-held machine tool, in particular a hammer drill and/or chipping hammer. The tool according to the invention has a transmission device with a drive bearing that has at least one torque-transmitting means with a transmitting contour for transmitting a torque onto the drive bearing. According to the invention, the transmitting …

Legal parties

Inventors (applicants): Uwe Engelfried, Tobias Herr, Andre Ullrich, Richard Engel
Assignees (initial): Robert Bosch GmbH (Stuttgart, DE)
Agents: Maginot, Moore & Beck (attorney)

The application was examined by Brian D Nash (USPTO dept. 3721)


  • 1. A hand-held power tool, in particular a rotary hammer and/or a hammer chisel, having …
  • 2. The hand-held power tool as recited in claim 1 , wherein the transmitting contour …
  • 3. The hand-held power tool as recited in claim 2 , wherein the transmitting contour …

International priority data

DE: 10 2007 009 985 / Mar. 2, 2007 (national)

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Brief Description of the Drawings

The invention will be better understood and further objects and advantages thereof will become more apparent from the ensuing detailed description of a preferred embodiment taken in conjunction with the drawings …


Cross-Reference to Related Application

This application is a 35 USC 371 application of PCT/EP2008/051408 filed on Feb. 5, …

Description of the Preferred Embodiment

FIG. 1 shows a hand-held power tool 10 embodied in the form of a rotary hammer. The hand-held power tool 10 includes a housing 34 and, in a front region …

More details about Hand-Held Machine Tool

Miscellaneous patent data

The invention is titled Hand-Held Machine Tool, similar classification categories are Tool advances relative to drive, of plural transmitting part or separate layers, Hand chisels, Automatic Control of Power Operated Means, means to inhibit return of detritus into cleansing passage, comprising a worm mechanism, comprising a built-in air compressor, Trolleys, Pillars and struts, Motive fluid applied to striking face, the assignee classification - a foreign company or corporation, the application publication date is Feb. 5, 2008, numbered 12/529,188 (application), the recorded agent's organization is Maginot, Moore & Beck, the patent was granted on Jul. 23, 2013, the known inventor's name is Uwe Engelfried, the grant publication number is 08490715, explained by 4 figures, the patent grant was extended by 155 days, the patent particularly claims a hand-held power tool, in particular a rotary hammer and/or a hammer chisel…, the claim number 1 is selected as exemplary, the assignee company is Robert Bosch GmbH located in Stuttgart (DE), the invention description is illustrated by 4 drawings, claims 1-7 comprise the invention scope, the recorded applicant's name is Engel Richard, the exemplary patent drawings are Side view of a hand-held, Side view of a drive, Hand-Held Machine Tool, Side view of a transmission, categorized under Rotated by hammer head or drive for hammer head as a primary classification, the application was examined by Brian D Nash (3721 USPTO department), invented by Uwe Engelfried et al.

Invention classification information

The invention is classified under Means for driving the impulse member, With means to reciprocate tool, Rotated by hammer head or drive for hammer head, Impacting Devices, With means for rotating tool. The designated search classifications include With means for rotating tool, Rotated by hammer head or drive for hammer head, Impacting Devices, With means to reciprocate tool.

Patent details
Publication number 08490715
Publication date Jul. 23, 2013
Kind code B2
Application number 12/529,188
Application date Feb. 5, 2008
Application type U
Application series code 12
Int. pub. country WO
Int. pub. number WO2008/107253
Int. publication Sep. 12, 2008
Int. filing country WO
Int. filing PCT/EP2008/051408
Filed internationally Feb. 5, 2008
National stage date Dec. 11, 2009
Extension term 155
National classification 173/109
Total number of claims 7
Exemplary claims 1
Number of drawings 4
Number of figures 4
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