A grease composition containing: (a) the reaction product of: (i) a calcium containing overbased organic acid; and (ii) at least one acid producing compound or derivatives thereof selected from the group consisting of: a non-polymeric hydrocarbyl substituted dicarbonyl derivative selected from the group consisting of an acid, an ester, a salt, an anhydride, ester-acid, acid-salt …

Legal parties

Inventors (applicants): Matthew R. Sivik, Richard A. Denis
Assignees (initial): The Lubrizol Corporation (Wickliffe, US)
Agents: Michael F. Esposito (attorney), Teresan W. Gilbert (attorney)

The application was examined by Jim Goloboy (USPTO dept. 1771)


  • 1. A grease composition comprising: …
  • 2. The composition of claim 1 , wherein the hydrocarbyl contains about 6 to about …
  • 3. The composition of claim 1 , wherein the hydrocarbyl contains about 8 to about …

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Field of the Invention

The present invention relates to grease, in particular a lubricating grease composition comprising: (a) the reaction product of (i) an overbased containing calcium overbased organic acid; (ii) a compound containing …

Detailed Description of the Invention

The present invention provides a grease in particular a lubricating grease composition comprising: (a) the reaction product of: (i) a calcium containing overbased organic acid; and (ii) at least one acid …

Preparation of Copolymer of C18 Olefin and Maleic Anhydride

A 4-necked flask containing a stirrer, thermometer, an addition funnel and a nitrogen sparge tube is charged with about 1008 g of octadecene, about 52 g of maleic anhydride and about …

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Miscellaneous patent data

The patent particularly claims a grease composition comprising…, similar documents are classified under containing sulfur, compound having saturated or unsaturated triazine, azole, or pyridine ring, Nitrogen attached directly or indirectly to the hetero ring by nonionic bonding, The heavy metal is molybdenum or tungsten, Heavy metal or aluminum in an organic phosphorus compound having four chalcogens bonded directly to the phosphorus, containing monomers having an unsaturated radical bound to an amino group, containing a nitrogen-to-nitrogen double bond, Lubricating compositions characterised by the additive being a non-macromolecular hydrocarbon, having 7 or less carbon atoms, Oxygen and nitrogen bonded directly to the same carbon atom or carbon chain, the application was published on Mar. 23, 2004, the examination was conducted by Jim Goloboy (primary examiner, 1771 USPTO department), developed by Richard A. Denis et al., the term of the patent was extended by 792 days, the applicant's location - Broadview Hts., OH, the applicant's name is Matthew R. Sivik, the patent was granted on Oct. 22, 2013, the known agent's name is Michael F. Esposito, the claim number 1 is selected as exemplary, numbered 10/806,591 (application), the assignee classification - a United States company, the assignee organization is The Lubrizol Corporation, located in Wickliffe (US), the grant number is 08563488, categorized under Overbased or carbonated carboxylates as a primary classification, the inventor's location - Auburn Township, OH, the recorded inventor's name is Richard A. Denis, 5 claims comprise the protection scope, the invention is titled Functionalized Polymer Composition for Grease.

Invention classification information

The invention is classified under polycarboxylic, Overbased or carbonated sulfonates, containing sulfonic radicals, Overbased or carbonated carboxylates. The designated search classifications include Overbased or carbonated, Overbased or carbonated carboxylates, Overbased or carbonated sulfonates, Oxygen or sulfur bonded directly to a benzene ring.

Patent details
Publication number 08563488
Publication date Oct. 22, 2013
Kind code B2
Application number 10/806,591
Application date Mar. 23, 2004
Application type U
Application series code 10
Extension term 792
National classification 508/460
Total number of claims 5
Exemplary claims 1
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