The continuous digester is for producing pulp from comminuted cellulosic material. The digester has a cone diverter on a bottom scraper arranged in the bottom of the digester for assisting in out feed of pulp produced. The cone diverter of the bottom scraper has an upper inclined surface of the cone diverter with an inclination …

Legal parties

Inventors (applicants): Krister Olsson
Assignees (initial): Metso Paper Sweden AB (Sundsvall, SE)
Agents: Fasth Law Offices (attorney), Rolf Fasth (attorney)

The application was examined by Mark Halpern (USPTO dept. 1741)


  • 1. A continuous digester for producing pulp from comminuted cellulosic material, comprising, …
  • 2. The continuous digester according to claim 1 wherein the drainage channel is located inside …
  • 3. The continuous digester according to claim 2 wherein edges of the drainage apertures on the upper …

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Brief Description of the Drawings

FIG. 1 shows a continuous digester in its basic features according to prior art; FIG. 2 shows a first embodiment of the cone diverter using circular drainage apertures; …


Prior Application

This application is a U.S. national phase application that is based on and claims priority from International Application No. PCT/SE2011/050075, filed 25 Jan. …

Detailed Description of Preferred Embodiments

FIG. 1 shows a typical design of a conventional continuous digester. The cellulose material CH IN is fed to the top of the digester vessel with additional charge of cooking …

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The examination was conducted by Mark Halpern (1741 USPTO department), the grant number is 08647473 (publication number), numbered 13/979,851 (application), located in Sundsvall (SE), the assignee company is Metso Paper Sweden AB, the patent was granted on Feb. 11, 2014, the application publication date is Jan. 25, 2011, the claim 1 is exemplary as chosen by the examiner, the protection scope is defined by 10 claims, the invention details are shown in 7 figures, categorized under Continuous as a primary classification, the assignee is categorized as a foreign company or corporation, includes the following drawings: first embodiment of the cone, Continuous Digester With a Bottom, continuous digester in its basic, second embodiment of the cone, particularly claims a continuous digester for producing pulp from comminuted cellulosic material…, the invention is named Continuous Digester With a Bottom Scraper Equipped With Draining Apertures, similar categories include per compounds, Article forming processes (pulp molding), Orientation, organic solvents, Common vat or stock feed, Devices for regulating or controlling, agitation or forced circulation, alkali lye, Pulping cellulose-containing materials, Chlorine containing, the published inventor's name is Krister Olsson, the applicant's first name is Krister, and his last name is Olsson, the known agent's name is Fasth Rolf, invented by Krister Olsson, illustrated by 5 drawings.

Invention classification information

The invention is classified under Digesters, Continuous. The designated search classifications include Bleaching, Digesters, Apparatus, Continuous, Continuous, Charging and / or discharging means (including blow pits).

Patent details
Publication number 08647473
Publication date Feb. 11, 2014
Kind code B2
Application number 13/979,851
Application date Jan. 25, 2011
Application type U
Application series code 13
Int. pub. country WO
Int. pub. number WO2012/102650
Int. publication Aug. 2, 2012
Int. filing country WO
Int. filing PCT/SE2011/050075
Filed internationally Jan. 25, 2011
National stage date Aug. 22, 2013
National classification 162/237
Total number of claims 10
Exemplary claims 1
Number of drawings 5
Number of figures 7
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