A method for illuminating a mask to project a desired image pattern into a photoactive material is described. The method includes receiving an image pattern. Determining a relationship between source pixels in a set of source pixels to desired intensities at one or more points in the image pattern is performed. Linear constraints are imposed …

Legal parties

Inventors (applicants): Kafai Lai, Saeed Bagheri, Alan E. Rosenbluth, David O. S. Melville, Kehan Tian
Assignees (initial): International Business Machines Corporation (Armonk, US)
Agents: Harrington & Smith (attorney)

The application was examined by Mona M Sanei, Toan Ton (USPTO dept. 2882)


  • 1. A method for illuminating a mask to project a desired image pattern into a photoactive …
  • 2. The method of claim 1 , further comprising: …
  • 3. The method of claim 1 , where the at least one contingent intensity condition …

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Brief Description of the Drawings

The foregoing and other aspects of exemplary embodiments of this invention are made more evident in the following Detailed Description, when read in conjunction with the attached Drawing Figures, wherein …


Technical Field

The exemplary and non-limiting embodiments of this invention relate generally to lithographic formation of integrated circuit patterns and, more specifically, relate to generating optimal lithographic sources under requirements that are contingent …

Detailed Description

The various exemplary embodiments in accordance with this invention thus provide an improvement over conventional methods of optimizing the source across multiple patterns whose relative image intensity has not yet been …

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Miscellaneous patent data

Was examined by Mona M Sanei, the assistant, Toan Ton, the main examiner (2882 USPTO department), the exemplary claims include number 1, the invention is named Constrained Optimization of Lithographic Source Intensities Under Contingent Requirements, the assignee is a United States company, invented by Saeed Bagheri et al., 16 claims comprise the protection scope, the exemplary patent drawings are examples of a pixel collection, example of a pixel collection, non-limiting example of sample points, Constrained Optimization of Lithographic Source, the grant number is 08605254 (publication number), illustrated by 16 drawings, categorized under Illumination systems or details as a primary classification, numbered 12/605,732 (application), the published agent's organization is Harrington & Smith, the recorded inventor's name is Kafai Lai, the inventor's address - Hopewell Junction, NY, the assignee location is Armonk (US); its company is International Business Machines Corporation, the patent particularly claims a method for illuminating a mask to project a desired image pattern…, the known applicant's name is Rosenbluth Alan E., the applicant's state - NY, city - Yorktown Heights, similar categories include Collapsible or portable, Light lowered into vertical cylinder, combined with focusing aids, Guiding, framing, or constraining film in desired position relative to lens system, using X-rays, Exposing on sensitized printing press plate or cylinder, Indeterminate-length carrier and receiver, means for separately producing marks on the film, e.g. title, time of exposure, Including reflector between original and photosensitive paper, collapsible, e.g. foldable, of variable area, the application publication date is Oct. 26, 2009, the grant publication date is Dec. 10, 2013, the patent was extended by 914 days, the invention details are shown in 19 figures.

Invention classification information

The invention is classified under Lamp housings, Illuminating means, Methods, Illumination systems or details. The designated search classifications include With registration indicia, Focus or magnification control, With light detector, Etching of substrate and material deposition, Electricity to lamp controlled, Light beam wavefront phase adaptation, Multiple etching of substrate, Lithographic, Of intensity proportional to distance, Controlling web, strand, strip, or sheet, Optimization, Light Shield, Mask, Hood, or Diaphragm, Pattern mask, Methods, Step and repeat, Plural lamps, Plural projection paths with single light source, Radiation Modifying Product or Process of Making, With formation of resist image, and etching of substrate or material deposition, Lithography, Irradiation of Objects or Material, Radiation mask, Identifying, composing, or selecting, Illumination systems or details.

Patent details
Publication number 08605254
Publication date Dec. 10, 2013
Kind code B2
Application number 12/605,732
Application date Oct. 26, 2009
Application type U
Application series code 12
Extension term 914
National classification 355/67
Total number of claims 16
Exemplary claims 1
Number of drawings 16
Number of figures 19
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