Apparatus to increase a force of an actuator having an override apparatus are described herein. An example fluid control system includes a first fluid control apparatus to fluidly couple a control fluid supply source to a control actuator via a first passageway. The control fluid supply source provides a control fluid to move a control …

Legal parties

Inventors (applicants): David Anthony Arnold
Assignees (initial): Fisher Controls International, LLC (Marshalltown, US)
Agents: Hanley, Flight & Zimmerman, LLC. (attorney)

The application was examined by Thomas E Lazo (USPTO dept. 3745)


  • 1. A fluid control system for use with valves, comprising: …
  • 2. A fluid control system of claim 1 , further comprising a third fluid passageway …
  • 3. A fluid control system of claim 1 , wherein the first fluid control apparatus …

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Brief Description of the Drawings

FIGS. 1A , 1B, and 1C illustrate a known control valve and actuator having an air-based fail-safe system. FIG. 2 illustrates an example actuator apparatus described herein. …


Field of the Disclosure

The present disclosure relates generally to actuators and, more particularly, to apparatus to increase a force of an actuator having an override …

Detailed Description

The example systems and apparatus described herein increase a force (e.g., a seat load or opening force) imparted by a control actuator on, for example, a flow control member of a valve …

More details about Apparatus to Increase a Force of an Actuator Having an Override Apparatus

Miscellaneous patent data

The invention is named Apparatus to Increase a Force of an Actuator Having an Override Apparatus, categorized under Electrically operated (275) (361) as a primary classification, the applicant's state - IA, city - Marshalltown, the known applicant's name is David Anthony Arnold, the assignee location is Marshalltown (US); its organization is Fisher Controls International, LLC, the claim number 1 is selected as exemplary, the patent was granted on Oct. 8, 2013, the application publication date is Dec. 28, 2009, the grant publication number is 08549984, includes the following drawings: Cross-sectional view of the example, Apparatus to Increase a Force, example actuator apparatus described herein, 1B, and 1C illustrate a known, the inventor's state is IA, city - Marshalltown, the inventor's name is David Anthony Arnold, developed by David Anthony Arnold, assigned to a United States company, similar classification categories are stable intermediate position, e.g. with snap action, a throttle in the form of a helical channel, Additional inlet path opened in response to position, using a motor, Oscillating working member, motor chamber pressure reaction on valve, Excess-flow valves, Single Chamber Formed by Mutually Relatively Movable Cylinder, Sleeve and Piston, Oscillating cylinder, weight-loaded, the patent particularly claims a fluid control system for use with valves, comprising…, the application was examined by Thomas E Lazo (3745 USPTO department), 7 figures depict the invention details, the patent extension term is 943 days, the invention description is illustrated by 6 drawings, numbered 12/648,135 (application), the known agent - Hanley, Flight & Zimmerman, LLC., the protection scope is defined by 20 claims.

Invention classification information

The invention is classified under Fluid and non-fluid actuators, Electrically operated (275) (361), the fluid acting on a piston. The designated search classifications include Fluid and non-fluid actuators, Electrically operated (275) (361).

Patent details
Publication number 08549984
Publication date Oct. 8, 2013
Kind code B2
Application number 12/648,135
Application date Dec. 28, 2009
Application type U
Application series code 12
Extension term 943
National classification 91/459
Total number of claims 20
Exemplary claims 1
Number of drawings 6
Number of figures 7
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