An apparatus and method to seat a tire on a rim are described. Protrusions and a handle on the apparatus allow a user to brace the protrusions against the rim to prevent blow back when air is vented into the gap between the tire and the rim to seat the tire bead. The air is vented …

Legal parties

Inventors (applicants): Michael R. White
Assignees (initial): Bosch Automotive Service Solutions LLC (Warren, US)
Agents: Baker & Hostetler LLP (attorney)

The application was examined by Shantese McDonald, Lee D Wilson (USPTO dept. 3723)


  • 1. A seating apparatus for seating a tire on a rim, comprising: …
  • 2. The seating apparatus of claim 1 , wherein the plurality of holes and the two or more …
  • 3. The seating apparatus of claim 1 , wherein said body is formed as a bent …

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Brief Description of the Drawings

A more complete appreciation of the invention and many of the attendant advantages thereof will be readily obtained as the same becomes better understood by reference to the following detailed …


Field of the Invention

The present invention relates generally to establishing a seal between the bead of a tire and a rim. More particularly, the present invention relates to a seating apparatus and method …

Cross-Reference to Related Applications

This application claims priority to the provisional U.S. patent application entitled Pneumatic Method and Apparatus for Sealing Tubeless Tires, filed Apr. 7, 2010, having a Ser. No. 61/321,760, and the provisional …

Detailed Description

The present invention addresses at least the issues discussed above by providing a bead seating apparatus and method which employ a pneumatic pulse having a leading edge with a short …

More details about Apparatus and Method for Sealing Tubeless Tires

Miscellaneous patent data

The invention details are shown in 9 figures, originally classified under For divided tire bands, the drawings include the following: Apparatus and Method for Sealing, rigid body positioned to seat, seating apparatus, cross-sectional cut-out view of a tire, the patent particularly claims a seating apparatus for seating a tire on a rim, comprising…, the grant number is 08757236, the recorded agent's company is Baker & Hostetler LLP, 14 claims comprise the protection scope, the claim number 1 is selected as exemplary, numbered 13/081,129 (application), the examination was conducted by Lee D Wilson (primary examiner) and Shantese McDonald (assistant, 3723 USPTO department), the invention is titled Apparatus and Method for Sealing Tubeless Tires, the grant publication date is Jun. 24, 2014, developed by Michael R. White, the applicant's address - Montgomery City, MO, the published applicant's name is White Michael R., similar classification categories are Tyre with openings closeable by means other than the rim, Closing means therefor, Miscellaneous, Sliding or rack actuated members, Wear-indicating arrangements, Spoke Extractors, Pedestal type, Two hand lever type, removing and mounting tyres, characterised by the belt or breaker dimensions or curvature relative to carcass, two or more differing cord materials, the inventor's state is MO, city - Montgomery City, the known inventor's name is Michael R. White, the assignee is a United States company, the assignee company is Bosch Automotive Service Solutions LLC located in Warren (US), the patent grant was extended by 484 days, the invention description is illustrated by 3 drawings, the application publication date is Apr. 6, 2011.

Invention classification information

The invention is classified under For collapsing or shifting tire axially, Radially inwardly directed, For divided tire bands, Circumferentially distributed force, for removing and mounting tyres. The designated search classifications include Circumferentially distributed force, For divided tire bands, For collapsing or shifting tire axially, Radially inwardly directed.

Patent details
Publication number 08757236
Publication date Jun. 24, 2014
Kind code B2
Application number 13/081,129
Application date Apr. 6, 2011
Application type U
Application series code 13
Extension term 484
National classification 157/1.13
Total number of claims 14
Exemplary claims 1
Number of drawings 3
Number of figures 9
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