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Apparatus and Method for Managing Media Content
US 08732755 B2, May 20, 2014, Scott White et al. / AT&T Intellectual Property I, LP (Atlanta, US)
A non-transitory computer-readable storage medium, comprising instructions which,…

Broadcast Receiving Apparatus to Provide External Devices With a List of Recorded Files, Method for Providing Recorded File, and System Using the Same
US 08650593 B2, Feb. 11, 2014, Seung-seop Shim et al. / Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (Suwon-si, KR)
A broadcast receiving apparatus, comprising:…

Client-Server Based Interactive Television Guide With Server Recording
US 08776126 B2, July 8, 2014, Michael D. Ellis et al. / United Video Properties, Inc. (Tulsa, US)
A method for providing users at one or more user equipment devices with access…

Contextual Navigational Control for Digital Television
US 08819734 B2, Aug. 26, 2014, John Carney et al. / TVWorks, LLC (Philadelphia, US)
An apparatus comprising:…

Data Structure and Methods for Providing an Interactive Program Guide
US 08739218 B2, May 27, 2014, Jeremy S. Edmonds et al. / Comcast IP Holdings I, LLC (Wilmington, US)
A method comprising:…

Display Control Device, Display Control Method, and Program
US 08484682 B2, July 9, 2013, Miwako Fujiki et al. / Sony Corporation JP
A display control device comprising:…

Displaying Advertising in an Electronic Program Guide
US 08490134 B2, July 16, 2013, George Gerba et al. / Cumnor Technologies LLC (Wilmington, US)
A method comprising:…

Facilitating Access to Content Provided From Multiple Providers
US 08584165 B1, Nov. 12, 2013, Jordan M. Hay et al. / IMDb.com, Inc. (Seattle, US)
A non-transitory computer-readable medium embodying a program executable…

Favorites Mosaic
US 08683519 B2, March 25, 2014, Mary McCarthy et al. / AT&T Intellectual Property I, L.P. (Atlanta, US)
A set-top box, comprising:…

Feature-Based Video Suggestions
US 08683521 B1, March 25, 2014, Ullas Gargi et al. / Google Inc. (Mountain View, US)
A method for suggesting videos to a viewer of a given video, comprising:…

Image Display Apparatus and Method for Operating the Same
US 08572653 B2, Oct. 29, 2013, Jongseok Kim et al. / LG Electronics Inc. (Seoul, KR)
A method of controlling a display on a multifunctional display device,…

Information Providing System, Receiving Device, Information Providing Device, Information Providing Method and Program
US 08683520 B2, March 25, 2014, Tetsuo Maruyama et al. / Sony Corporation (Tokyo, JP)
A receiving device connected with an information providing device for providing…

Interactive Media Guide With Media Guidance Interface
US 08732756 B2, May 20, 2014, Michael D. Ellis et al. / United Video Properties, Inc. (Santa Clara, US)
A method for presenting media to a user, the method comprising:…

Media Content Catalog Service
US 08555317 B2, Oct. 8, 2013, Liang Ge et al. / Microsoft Corporation (Redmond, US)
A computerized method executable by a processor of a catalog service…

Method and Apparatus for Efficient, Entertaining Information Delivery
US 08875185 B2, Oct. 28, 2014, Dwight Marcus / NTech Properties, Inc. (Oxnard, US)
A method of providing video programming to a user, comprising the steps of:…

Method and Apparatus for Presenting Media Content
US 08719867 B2, May 6, 2014, Charles Scott et al. / AT&T Intellectual Property I, LP (Atlanta, US)
A media device, comprising:…

Method and Apparatus for Scheduling Broadcast Information
US 08689260 B1, April 1, 2014, Jonathan K. Tash / ARRIS Enterprises, Inc. (Suwanee, US)
A computer-implemented method for delivering objects to one or more receiver…

Method and Apparatus to Enable Sending Personal Data via a Network
US 08671427 B1, March 11, 2014, Eric O. Bodnar / Verisign, Inc. (Reston, US)
A computer-implemented method for displaying personal data comprising:…

Method and System for Selective Initial Television Channel Display
US 08789104 B2, July 22, 2014, Nathaniel J. Thurston et al. / Comcast IP Holdings I, LLC (Philadelphia, US)
A method comprising:…

Method and System for Video Collection Management, Invalid Video Replacement and Continuous Video Replay
US 08869205 B2, Oct. 21, 2014, Shun-Min Hsu et al. / Industrial Technology Research Institute (Hsinchu, TW)
A method for continuous video replay, comprising:…

Method for Providing Program Image Information in Digital Broadcasting Receiving Device
US 08631435 B2, Jan. 14, 2014, Tae Hyung Kim / Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd KR
A method for providing program image information in a digital broadcasting…

Method for Providing Program Information in a Hierarchical Manner and Interactive Program Guide System Implementing the Method
US 08522278 B2, Aug. 27, 2013, Eduard Zaslavsky et al. / JLB Ventures LLC (Washington, US)
A method comprising:…

Methods and Apparatus for Delivering Content From a Television Channel
US 08789105 B2, July 22, 2014, Vasily B. Filippov et al. / MobiWorldMedia (Hackensack, US)
A method of delivering content of a television channel, the method comprising:…

Non-Grid Television Guide
US 08745664 B2, June 3, 2014, Mark Schwesinger et al. / Microsoft Corporation (Redmond, US)
A method for displaying an electronic program guide, comprising the steps of:…

Presenting Content
US 08819735 B2, Aug. 26, 2014, Pete Rai et al. / Cisco Technology Inc. (San Jose, US)
A method of presenting content to a viewer, said method comprising:…

Previously Aired Episode Retrieval Based on Series DVR Scheduling
US 08726313 B2, May 13, 2014, Sameer Vasant Gavade et al. / Verizon Patent and Licensing Inc. (Basking Ridge, US)
A method, comprising:…

Program Guide Generation Apparatus, Program Guide Generation Method, and Program Guide Generation Program
US 08839296 B2, Sept. 16, 2014, Masaaki Makino / JVC Kenwood Corporation (Yokohama-shi, JP)
A program guide generation apparatus comprising:…

Program Guide Interface Systems and Methods
US 08782704 B2, July 15, 2014, Donald H. Relyea et al. / Verizon Patent and Licensing Inc. (Basking Ridge, US)
A method comprising:…

Social Broadcasting Platform
US 08490133 B1, July 16, 2013, Scott Strain et al. / Jelli, Inc. (San Mateo, US)
A social broadcasting server, comprising:…

System and Method for Displaying and Navigating a Graphical Two-Dimensional Array of a Plurality of Available Channels
US 08656429 B2, Feb. 18, 2014, Hsi-Heng Sean Yang / Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (Irvine, US)
A system for displaying and navigating a graphical two-dimensional array…

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