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Apparatus and Method for Producing Device Identifiers for Serially Interconnected Devices of Mixed Type
US 08694692 B2, April 8, 2014, Hong Beom Pyeon et al. / MOSAID Technologies Incorporated (Ottawa, Ontario, CA)
A method for producing a device identifier (ID) by a semiconductor memory device…

Communicating Between Host Computers and Peripheral Resources in an Input/Output (I/O) Virtualization System
US 08521915 B2, Aug. 27, 2013, Karagada R. Kishore et al. / Fusion-io, Inc. (Salt Lake City, US)
A system comprising:…

Communication Control Device
US 08862789 B2, Oct. 14, 2014, Hironori Nakano et al. / Panasonic Corporation (Osaka, JP)
An electronic device comprising:…

Concurrent Response for Device Information During an Initialization Process for a Storage Device
US 08745282 B2, June 3, 2014, Sandeep Darisala et al. / LSI Corporation (Milpitas, US)
A method operable on a Host Bus Adapter (HBA) for responding to Small Computer…

Configuring an Input/Output Adapter
US 08468276 B2, June 18, 2013, Sean T. Brownlow et al. / International Business Machines Corporation (Armonk, US)
A computer-implemented method, comprising:…

Device Start Up System and Method
US 08572294 B2, Oct. 29, 2013, Gordon Chisholm / NCR Corporation (Duluth, US)
A device start up system comprising:…

Dividing a Port Into Smaller Ports
US 08856392 B2, Oct. 7, 2014, Sohail Hameed et al. / Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. (Houston, US)
A method comprising:…

Hardware Support for Software Controlled Fast Reconfiguration of Performance Counters
US 08468275 B2, June 18, 2013, Valentina Salapura et al. / International Business Machines Corporation (Armonk, US)
A device for providing hardware support for reconfiguring performance counters…

Image Display Device and Method of Changing First EDID With Second EDID Wherein the Second EDID Information Is Compatible With Image Display Device
US 08713208 B2, April 29, 2014, Ho-woong Kang et al. / Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (Suwon-si, KR)
A display apparatus connectable to a video/audio output device, comprising:…

Information Processing Apparatus, Display Method, and Storage Medium
US 08819300 B2, Aug. 26, 2014, Koichi Abe / Canon Kabushiki Kaisha (Tokyo, JP)
An information processing apparatus comprising:…

Information Processing Apparatus, Information Processing Method and Program
US 08825914 B2, Sept. 2, 2014, Noriyuki Uehara / Ricoh Company, Ltd. (Tokyo, JP)
An information processing apparatus comprising:…

Intelligent Configuration System for Power Distribution Feeder Reclosers and Switches
US 08621117 B2, Dec. 31, 2013, James Stoupis et al. / ABB Research Ltd. (Zurich, CH)
A method implemented by a computer for configuring an intelligent electronic…

Method for Identifying Version Type of Windows Operating System on a Host by a USB Device
US 08862790 B2, Oct. 14, 2014, Huazhang Yu et al. / Feitian Technologies Co., Ltd. (Beijing, CN)
A method for identifying version type of Windows operating system on a host by…

Method of Detecting Addressing Mode and Electronic System Thereof
US 08656063 B1, Feb. 18, 2014, Chan-Shih Lin / Ralink Technology Corp. (Jhubei, Hsinchu County, TW)
A method for determining an addressing mode of a storage device, comprising:…

Network Apparatus That Sends Back Equipment Information, Method of Controlling the Apparatus, and Storage Medium
US 08812747 B2, Aug. 19, 2014, Hironobu Nakai / Canon Kabushiki Kaisha (Tokyo, JP)
A network apparatus connectable to a management terminal via a network,…

Re-Enumeration of USB 3.0 Compatible Devices
US 08843664 B2, Sept. 23, 2014, Syed Babar Raza et al. / Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (San Jose, US)
A method comprising:…

Resource Reservation for an External Device That Is Not Available at Startup of a Host Computer
US 08769159 B2, July 1, 2014, Jason D. Tongen et al. / National Instruments Corporation (Austin, US)
A non-transitory computer-readable memory medium storing program instructions…

Software Initialization of USB Devices on a Single Bus
US 08706921 B2, April 22, 2014, Timothy Zadigian et al. / BreakingPoint Systems, Inc. (Austin, US)
A method of initializing programmable devices on a shared bus, comprising:…

State Change in Systems Having Devices Coupled in a Chained Configuration
US 08539117 B2, Sept. 17, 2013, Peter Feeley et al. / Micron Technology, Inc. (Boise, US)
A device, comprising:…

System and Method for Dynamically Configuring a Serial Data Link in a Display Device
US 08645585 B2, Feb. 4, 2014, Lianghao Chen et al. / NVIDIA Corporation (Santa Clara, US)
A method performed by a processing unit to configure a digital video link coupled…

System and Method for Wireless Pairing via Wired Connection
US 08656062 B2, Feb. 18, 2014, Ronald A. Lattanzi et al. / Snap-on Incorporated (Kenosha, US)
A method, comprising:…

Unified Driver Architecture Device Identifier Strategy
US 08463951 B1, June 11, 2013, Curtis R. Priem / Nvidia Corporation (Santa Clara, US)
A method of initializing a device for use in a computer system, the method…

Universal Quick Port-Switching Method and Associated Apparatus
US 08825913 B2, Sept. 2, 2014, Meng Che Tsai / MStar Semiconductor, Inc. (Hsinchu Hsien, TW)
A universal quick port-switching detecting apparatus, comprising:…

USB Charging Module
US 08819301 B2, Aug. 26, 2014, Hao-Hsuan Chiu et al. / VIA Technologies, Inc. (New Taipei, TW)
An apparatus for charging a defective Universal Serial Bus (USB) device according…

User Input Back Channel for Wireless Displays
US 08677029 B2, March 18, 2014, Vijayalakshmi R. Raveendran et al. / QUALCOMM Incorporated (San Diego, US)
A method of negotiating capabilities between a wireless sink device…

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