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Accumulator for Implantable Infusion Device
US 08545484 B2, Oct. 1, 2013, Brian C. Egan et al. / Medtronic, Inc. (Minneapolis, US)
An implantable infusion device (IID) comprising:…

Adjustable Valve Setting With Motor Control
US 08753331 B2, June 17, 2014, John Murdock Murphy / Medtronic Xomed, Inc. (Jacksonville, US)
A positioning tool for controlling a valve rotor with respect to a valve body…

Automated Catheter Length Determination for Implantable Fluid Delivery Device
US 08622998 B2, Jan. 7, 2014, Scott L. Kalpin / Medtronic, Inc. (Minneapolis, US)
An implantable fluid delivery system comprising:…

Device for Actively Removing a Target Cell From Blood or Lymph of a Vertebrate Subject
US 08758330 B2, June 24, 2014, Robert Langer et al. / The Invention Science Fund I, LLC (Bellevue, US)
A system comprising:…

Drug Delivery Apparatus and Method for Automatically Reducing Drug Dosage
US 08747390 B2, June 10, 2014, Brian M. Shelton / Medallion Therapeutics, Inc. (Valencia, US)
An implantable drug delivery device, comprising:…

Drug Delivery System for Treating Erectile Dysfunction
US 08702685 B2, April 22, 2014, Robert Matthew Douglas et al.
An implantable drug delivery system for the treatment of erectile dysfunction,…

Drug Infusion System and Method Adapted to Start During Programming Cycle
US 08562591 B2, Oct. 22, 2013, Irfan Z. Ali et al. / Medtronic, Inc. (Minneapolis, US)
A drug infusion system for delivering a fluid medication to a patient,…

Estimating the Volume of Fluid in Therapeutic Fluid Delivery Device Reservoir
US 08568389 B2, Oct. 29, 2013, Michael D. Baudino et al. / Medtronic, Inc. (Minneapolis, US)
A method comprising:…

Implantable Adjustable Valve
US 08617142 B2, Dec. 31, 2013, Stephen F. Wilson et al. / Depuy Synthes Products, LLC (Raynham, US)
An indicator tool for use with an implanted valve unit having a plurality…

Implantable Device With Intravesical Tolerability and Methods of Treatment
US 08679094 B2, March 25, 2014, Heejin Lee et al. / TARIS Biomedical, Inc. (Lexington, US)
A medical device which is wholly deployable within the bladder of a human patient…

Implantable Infusion Device Having Filter
US 08608729 B2, Dec. 17, 2013, Steven R. Christenson / Medtronic, Inc. (Minneapolis, US)
An implantable infusion device comprising:…

Implantable Pump With Reservoir Level Detector
US 08747391 B2, June 10, 2014, Philippe Margairaz et al. / Codman Neuro Sciences Sarl CH
A method of monitoring the amount of fluid remaining in an implantable pump,…

Infusion Device Provided With a Water-Tight Cover
US 08728060 B2, May 20, 2014, Ulrich Haueter et al. / Roche Diagnostics International AG (Steinhausen, CH)
An infusion device for therapeutic use, comprising a waterproof covering…

Instrumented Orthopedic and Other Medical Implants
US 08740879 B2, June 3, 2014, Steven Backes et al. / IZEX Technologies, Inc. (Minneapolis, US)
A biocompatible implant device comprising:…

Instrumented Orthopedic and Other Medical Implants
US 08491572 B2, July 23, 2013, John G. Stark et al. / IZEX Technologies, Inc. (Golden Valley, US)
A method for operating an implanted medical device wherein the medical device…

MEMS Electrochemical Bellows Actuator
US 08579885 B2, Nov. 12, 2013, Ellis Meng / University of Southern California (Los Angeles, US)
An implantable fluid delivery system comprising:…

Method and Apparatus for Treatment of Cardiac Disorders
US 08500720 B2, Aug. 6, 2013, John G. Keimel / Medtronic, Inc (Minneapolis, US)
A method comprising:…

Methods and Devices for the Treatment of Ocular Conditions
US 08454582 B2, June 4, 2013, Laurie R. Lawin et al. / Surmodics, Inc. (Eden Prairie, US)
A method for instilling one or more bioactive agents into ocular tissue within…

Methods and Systems for Providing Therapies Into the Pericardial Space
US 08852173 B2, Oct. 7, 2014, Daniel C. Sigg et al. / Medtronic, Inc. (Minneapolis, US)
A method of accessing the pericardial space between a heart and its pericardium…

Orifice Device Having Multiple Channels With Varying Flow Rates for Drug Delivery
US 08491571 B2, July 23, 2013, Scott M. Russell / Cordis Corporation (Miami Lakes, US)
An orifice device for delivering one or more drugs comprising:…

Oxygen Supply for Cell Transplant and Vascularization
US 08444630 B2, May 21, 2013, Avi Rotem et al. / Beta-O2 Technologies Ltd. (Petach-Tikva, IL)
Apparatus, comprising:…

Percutaneous Drug Delivery Apparatus
US 08827987 B2, Sept. 9, 2014, Andrew Samuel Vick et al. / Renishaw (Ireland) Limited (Swords, IE
An implantable percutaneous fluid delivery device comprising:…

Physiological Sensors With Telemonitor and Notification Systems
US 08545483 B2, Oct. 1, 2013, Chris Budish et al. / Honeywell International Inc. (Morristown, US)
An apparatus comprising:…

Reaction Device Controlled by Magnetic Control Signal
US 08585684 B2, Nov. 19, 2013, Victoria Y. H. Wood et al. / The Invention Science Fund I, LLC (Bellevue, US)
A system comprising:…

Reflected Acoustic Wave Modulation
US 08647328 B2, Feb. 11, 2014, Yariv Porat et al. / Remon Medical Technologies, Ltd. (Caesarea, IL)
A system for transmitting information at least partially within a body,…

US 08679095 B2, March 25, 2014, James M. Olsen / Medtronic, Inc. (Minneapolis, US)
A drug delivery system for implantation in a body for delivery of a liquid…

Remote Controlled in Situ Reaction Device
US 08617141 B2, Dec. 31, 2013, Lowell L. Wood, Jr. et al. / The Invention Science Fund I, LLC (Bellevue, US)
A reaction device comprising: a body structure adapted for positioning in a body…

Remote Controlled in Situ Reaction Device
US 08568388 B2, Oct. 29, 2013, Victoria Y. H. Wood et al. / The Invention Science Fund I, LLC (Bellevue, US)
A reaction system comprising:…

Remotely Activated Piezoelectric Pump for Delivery of Biological Agents to the Intervertebral Disc and Spine
US 08827986 B2, Sept. 9, 2014, Thomas C. Chen et al. / Pharmaco-Kinesis Corporation (Los Angeles, US)
A method for osteogenetic treatment in a patient comprising:…

Sustained Release Capsules
US 08734430 B2, May 27, 2014, Robert William Lachlan Holmes / Merial Limited (Duluth, US)
A sustained release capsule comprising:…

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