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Lactococcus Lactis Strain With High Vitamin K2 Production
US 08765118 B2, July 1, 2014, Christel Garrigues et al. / Chr. Hansen A/S (Hoersholm, DK)
An isolated lactic acid bacteria strain, wherein the lactic acid bacteria strain…

Lactococcus Lactis Strains, and Bacterial Preparations Thereof, for the Production of Bioactive Peptides Having Anti-Hypertensive and Cholesterol-Lowering Effects in Mammals; Nutritional and Therapeutic Products Produced Therefrom
US 08865155 B2, Oct. 21, 2014, Belinda Vallejo Galland et al. / Centro de Investigacion en Alimentacion y Desarrollo, A.C. (CIAD) (Hermosillo, MX
A method of lowering blood pressure in a hypertensive subject in need thereof,…

Prevotella Histicola Preparations and the Treatment of Autoimmune Conditions
US 08617536 B2, Dec. 31, 2013, Joseph A. Murray et al. / Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research (Rochester, US)
A method for treating an autoimmune condition in a mammal, wherein said method…

Bacteria and Method for Controlling Plant Disease Using the Same
US 08728459 B2, May 20, 2014, Tsuyoshi Isawa et al. / Mayekawa Mfg. Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, JP)
A method for controlling a fungal or bacterial disease in a plant, comprising:…

Bacteria Cultures and Compositions Comprising Bacteria Cultures
US 08628765 B2, Jan. 14, 2014, Michael Eric Frodyma / Novozymes Biologicals, Inc. (Salem, US)
A method for washing laundry or fabric comprising subjecting said laundry…

Bacteria With Increased Trehalose Production and Method for Using the Same in Bioremediation
US 08481026 B1, July 9, 2013, Peter J. Woodruff et al.
A genetically modified bacteria demonstrating improved survival under oxidative…

Bifidobacterium Longum NCC2705 (CNCM I-2618) and Immune Disorders
US 08802077 B2, Aug. 12, 2014, Monique Julita et al. / Nestec S.A. (Vevey, CH)
A method to increase the effectiveness of B. longum NCC 2705 (deposit…

Bile Resistant Bacillus Composition Secreting High Levels of Essential Amino Acids
US 08741280 B2, June 3, 2014, Mette Dines Cantor et al. / Chr. Hansen A/S (Hoersholm, DK)
A Bacillus composition comprising 10 5 to 10 12 CFU/g…

Biocontrol of Storage Maladies of Potatoes by Bacterial Antagonists Produced in Co-Culture
US 08628764 B2, Jan. 14, 2014, David A. Schisler et al. / The United States of America as represented by the Secretary of Agriculture (Washington, US)
A composition of bacteria produced by the process comprising:…

Biological Soil Nutrient System
US 08728460 B2, May 20, 2014, Kevin S. Spittle / Profile Products, L.L.C. (Buffalo Grove, US)
A biological soil nutrient system comprising:…

Composition Comprising a Combination of an Elder Extract and a Strain of L. Paracasei, L. Bulgaricus or S. Thermophilus
US 08734784 B2, May 27, 2014, Anne Mandeau et al. / Pierre Fabre Medicament (Boulogne-Billancourt, FR)
A method for stimulating immunity and/or enhancing immune defenses and/or…

Composition Comprising Alkaline Sphingomyelinase for Use as a Dietetic Preparation, Food Supplement or Pharmaceutical Product
US 08697051 B2, April 15, 2014, Claudio De Simone / VSL Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Rome, IT)
A dietetic, nutrient or pharmaceutical composition for oral, enteral…

Compositions for Preparing a Coffee Beverage Comprising Hydrolysed Chlorogenic Acid
US 08481028 B2, July 9, 2013, Nicolas Page et al. / Nestec S.A. (Vevey, CH)
A beverage powder comprising:…

Live Attenuated Bacterial Vaccine to Reduce or Inhibit Carriage and Shedding of Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia Coli in Cattle
US 08858930 B2, Oct. 14, 2014, Edgar Boedeker et al. / (Cartonsville, US)
An isolated, live attenuated, double mutant of enterohemorrhagic Escherichia…

Metabolically Active Micro Organisms and Methods for Their Production
US 08551473 B2, Oct. 8, 2013, Timothy Thurlby / Multigerm UK Enterprises Ltd. (Surrey, GB)
A preparation comprising viable, metabolically active lactic acid bacteria…

Method for Alleviating Intestinal Problems and Novel Bacterial Strains Therefor
US 08697052 B2, April 15, 2014, Benedikt Sas et al. / Universiteit Gent (Ghent, BE)
A method of prophylaxis and/or treatment of an intestinal health problem…

Method for Controlling Fungal Pathogen With Bacterial Metabolite
US 08609083 B1, Dec. 17, 2013, David I. Shapiro-Ilan et al. / The United States of America, as represented by the Secretary of Agriculture (Washington, US)
A method of controlling a fungal pathogen consisting essentially of culturing…

Method for Decreasing Borborygmi by Administering a Bifidobacterium Bacteria
US 08715644 B2, May 6, 2014, Stefan Jakob et al. / Compagnie Gervais Danone (Paris, FR)
A method for decreasing borborygmi in a healthy subject, comprising the step…

Method of Inhibiting Methanogenesis
US 08586025 B2, Nov. 19, 2013, Isami Hatano et al. / Able Corporation (Tokyo, JP)
A method of inhibiting methanogenesis comprising:…

Methods of Feeding Ruminants
US 08444966 B2, May 21, 2013, John P. O'Neill et al. / DuPont Nutrition Biosciences ApS (Copenhagen, DK)
A method of increasing at least one of the percentage of milk protein,…

Microorganisms for Improving the Health of Individuals With Disorders Related to Gluten Ingestion
US 08501169 B2, Aug. 6, 2013, Giada De Palma et al. / Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (Madrid, ES)
An isolated Bifidobacterium longum strain deposited at the Colección…

Of Growth of Bifidobacteria in Fermented Milk Products
US 08628763 B2, Jan. 14, 2014, Ditte Marie Folkenberg et al. / CHR-Hansen A/S (Hoersholm, DK)
A method for preparation of a fermented milk product, which comprises:…

Oligosaccharide Composition for Treating Skin Diseases
US 08771674 B2, July 8, 2014, Norbert Sprenger / Nestec S.A. (Vevey, CH)
A method for the prevention and/or treatment of skin conditions and skin diseases…

Pharmaceutical Compositions and Methods for Treating Oxalate-Dependent Conditions
US 08545836 B2, Oct. 1, 2013, Poonam Kaul et al. / Oxthera, Inc. (Alachua, US)
A powder pharmaceutical composition for oral administration to a human…

Pharmaceutically Purified Intact Bacterial Minicells
US 08449877 B2, May 28, 2013, Himanshu Brahmbhatt et al. / Engeneic Molecular Delivery Pty. Ltd. (New South Wals (NSW), AU
A pharmaceutical composition consisting essentially of at least 10 9…

Probiotic Bifidobacterium Strains
US 08709398 B2, April 29, 2014, Barry Kiely et al. / Alimentary Health Limited (Cork, IE)
An isolated strain of Bifidobacterium deposited at NCIMB with accession…

Probiotic Bifidobacterium Strains
US 08557233 B2, Oct. 15, 2013, Liam O'Mahony et al. / Alimentary Heath Limited (Cork, IE)
An isolated strain of Bifidobacterium longum strain AH1206 deposited…

Protease Inhibitor: Protease Sensitivity Expression System and Method Improving the Therapeutic Activity and Specificity of Proteins and Phage and Phagemids Delivered by Bacteria
US 08623350 B1, Jan. 7, 2014, David Gordon Bermudes
A method of treating a disease in a mammal, comprising administering…

Protein Free Formula
US 08691213 B2, April 8, 2014, Sandra Helen Giffen et al. / SHS International (Liverpool, GB)
A method of treating a person suffering from eosinophilic esophagitis, asthma…

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