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Aldol-Crosslinked Polymeric Hydrogel Adhesives
US 08679536 B2, March 25, 2014, Samuel David Arthur / Actamax Surgical Materials, LLC (Berkeley, US)
A kit comprising: (a)…

Antimicrobial Compositions, Methods of Preparation Thereof, and Uses Thereof
US 08642086 B2, Feb. 4, 2014, Daniel Joseph Coady et al. / International Business Machines Corporation (Armonk, US)
A composition of matter, comprising:…

Antimicrobial Foam and Method of Manufacture
US 08852639 B2, Oct. 7, 2014, Walter MacKay / Crest Foam Industries (Moonachie, US)
An antimicrobial foam, comprising:…

Article and Method for Focused Delivery of Therapeutic And/Or Diagnostic Materials
US 08541029 B2, Sept. 24, 2013, Peter D. Gabriele et al. / Armark Authentication Technologies, LLC (Glen Rock, US)
A microfiber extrudate delivery process comprising:…

Biodegradable Cross-Linked Cationic Multi-Block Copolymers for Gene Delivery and Methods of Making Thereof
US 08445017 B2, May 21, 2013, Gregory Slobodkin et al. / Egen, Inc. (Huntsville, US)
A biodegradable cross-linked cationic multi-block copolymer comprising linear…

Compositions and Medical Devices Utilizing Bioabsorbable Liquid Polymers
US 08623413 B2, Jan. 7, 2014, Aruna Nathan et al. / Ethicon, Inc. (Somerville, US)
A medical device, comprising: a synthetic, bioabsorbable, biocompatible polymer…

Compositions and Methods for Joining Non-Conjoined Lumens
US 08563037 B2, Oct. 22, 2013, Drew A. Hoffmann et al. / TauTona Group, L.P. (Menlo Park, US)
A thermoreversible sol-gel composition for surgical use, comprising:…

Compositions and Methods for Promoting the Healing of Tissue of Multicellular Organisms
US 08795730 B2, Aug. 5, 2014, David John Vachon
A composition for the healing of a multicellular organism, the composition…

Controlled Release of Biologically Active Compounds
US 08802147 B2, Aug. 12, 2014, Rao S Bezwada / Bezwada Biomedical, LLC (Hillsborough, US)
A biodegradable polyamide ester of formula VIII or IX, or a pharmaceutically…

Formulations and Methods for the Controlled Release of Active Drug Substances
US 08563038 B2, Oct. 22, 2013, Christine Andersen et al. / Egalet Ltd. (London, GB)
A tablet for oral delivery of oxycodone, the tablet comprising:…

Graft Copolymers as Drug Delivery Systems
US 08518444 B2, Aug. 27, 2013, Thomas Kissel et al. / Evonik Roehm GmbH (Darmstadt, DE)
A graft copolymer of poly(vinyl sulfonic-co-vinyl…

Grafted Polymers and Uses Thereof
US 08445016 B2, May 21, 2013, Roseita Esfand et al. / Interface Biologics, Inc. (Toronto, Ontario, CA)
A grafted polymer having the formula:…

Hydrogel Composition and Methods for Making the Same
US 08507002 B2, Aug. 13, 2013, George Lawrence Grobe, III et al. / DePuy Products, Inc. (Warsaw, US)
A method for producing a hydrogel composition comprising water and a crosslinked…

Hydrogel Suspension and Manufacturing Process Thereof
US 08617606 B2, Dec. 31, 2013, Takakuni Matsuda et al. / Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, JP)
A hydrogel suspension which comprises…

Immediate Release Pharmaceutical Formulation of 4-[3-(4-Cyclopropanecarbonyl-Piperazine-1-Carbonyl)-4-Fluoro-Benzyl]-2H-Phthalazin-1-One
US 08475842 B2, July 2, 2013, Bernd Harald Liepold et al. / Astrazeneca AB (Sodertalje, SE)
An immediate-release pharmaceutical composition in the form of a solid…

Injectable Hydrogel With an Enhanced Remanence and With an Enhanced Ability to Create Volume
US 08574629 B2, Nov. 5, 2013, Samuel Gavard Molliard / Anteis S.A. (Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva, CH)
An injectable hydrogel that comprises:…

Method of Making Anti-Microbial Polymeric Surfaces
US 08840927 B2, Sept. 23, 2014, Valerio DiTizio et al. / Covalon Technologies Inc. (Mississauga, ON, CA)
An anti-microbial polymeric composite comprising:…

Methods for Sealing an Orifice in Tissue Using an Aldol-Crosslinked Polymeric Hydrogel Adhesive
US 08679537 B2, March 25, 2014, Samuel David Arthur / Actamaz Surgical Materials, LLC (Berkeley, US)
A method for sealing an orifice in tissue in the body of a living…

Micro-Particles Containing a 3-D Polymeric Structure
US 08821931 B2, Sept. 2, 2014, Victor J. Foltz et al. / Bridgestone Corporation (Tokyo, JP)
A composition comprising:…

Modified Release Formulations Containing Drug-Ion Exchange Resin Complexes
US 08790700 B2, July 29, 2014, Yu-Hsing Tu et al. / TRIS Pharma, Inc. (Monmouth Junction, US)
A modified release aqueous oral liquid suspension comprising:…

Modified Release Formulations Containing Drug-Ion Exchange Resin Complexes
US 08597684 B2, Dec. 3, 2013, Ketan Mehta et al. / Tris Pharma, Inc. (Monmouth Junction, US)
An orally ingestible aqueous liquid suspension composition comprising:…

Morphine Polymer Release System
US 08808745 B2, Aug. 19, 2014, Christine Andersen et al. / Egalet Ltd. (London, GB)
A pharmaceutical composition for controlled release of an opioid into an aqueous…

Morphine Polymer Release System
US 08609143 B2, Dec. 17, 2013, Christine Andersen et al. / Egalet Ltd. (London, GB)
A pharmaceutical composition for controlled release of at least one…

Pharmaceutical Compositions
US 08821932 B2, Sept. 2, 2014, David John Duncalf et al.
A process for the production of a non-porous, solid water-soluble composition…

Pharmaceutical Compositions of Cholesteryl Ester Transfer Protein Inhibitors and HMG-CoA Reductase
US 08828438 B2, Sept. 9, 2014, Bruno Caspar Hancock et al. / Bend Research, Inc. (Bend, US)
A composition consisting of a solid amorphous dispersion, said dispersion…

Pharmaceutical Compositions of Dispersions of Amorphous Drugs Mixed With Polymers
US 08703196 B2, April 22, 2014, Dwayne T. Friesen et al. / Bend Research, Inc. (Bend, US)
A pharmaceutical composition comprising a mixture of the following components (a)…

Pharmaceutical Compositions Providing Enhanced Drug Concentrations
US 08501231 B2, Aug. 6, 2013, Walter C. Babcock et al. / Bend Research, Inc. (Bend, US)
A composition comprising:…

Polyconjugates for in Vivo Delivery of Polynucleotides
US 08658211 B2, Feb. 25, 2014, David L. Lewis et al. / Arrowhead Madison Inc. (Madison, US)
An RNA interference polynucleotide delivery polyconjugate for delivering the RNA…

Polyesteramide Platform for Site Specific Drug Delivery
US 08658210 B2, Feb. 25, 2014, Jessica DesNoyer et al. / Advanced Cardiovascular Systems, Inc. (Santa Clara, US)
A kit comprising:…

Polyion Complex of Double-Stranded Ribonucleic Acid
US 08668933 B2, March 11, 2014, Yuichi Hori et al. / The University of Tokyo (Tokyo, JP)
A polyion complex consisting of a double-stranded ribonucleic acid and a block…

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