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Coated Tablet
US 08617603 B2, Dec. 31, 2013, Hironobu Kato et al. / Nippon Shinyaku Co., Ltd. (Kyoto, JP)
A method for preventing discoloration of a tablet containing a guanidino…

Compositions and Methods for Preparing and Using Same
US 08808742 B2, Aug. 19, 2014, Colin Edward Rowlings et al. / Ardea Biosciences, Inc. (San Diego, US)
A pharmaceutical composition comprising:…

Controlled Release and Taste Masking Oral Pharmaceutical Composition
US 08784888 B2, July 22, 2014, Lorenzo Fossati et al. / Cosmo Technologies Limited (Dublin, IE)
A controlled release oral pharmaceutical composition consisting essentially of:…

Dip Coated Compositions Containing a Starch Having a High Amylose Content
US 08722089 B2, May 13, 2014, Jen-Chi Chen / McNeil-PPC, Inc. (Skillman, US)
A method of making a coated tablet, said method comprising dipping a core…

Dosage Forms of Bisphosphonates
US 08535718 B2, Sept. 17, 2013, Richard John Dansereau et al. / Warner Chilcott Company, LLC. (Fajardo, US)
An oral dosage form comprising:…

Extended Release Venlafaxine Formulation
US 08668932 B2, March 11, 2014, Avinash Nangia et al. / Andrx Pharmaceuticals, LLC (Davie, US)
A controlled release composition consisting essentially of:…

Formulation for Providing an Enteric Coating Material
US 08846087 B2, Sept. 30, 2014, Vic Young / Sensient Colors LLC (St. Louis, US)
An enteric coating formulation comprising a mixture of an aqueous solution…

Galenical Formulations of Organic Compounds
US 08613949 B2, Dec. 24, 2013, Robert F Wagner et al. / Novartis AG (Basel, CH)
A pharmaceutical oral fixed dose combination in the form of a monolayer tablet,…

HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitor Extended Release Formulation
US 08679534 B2, March 25, 2014, Joseph Chou et al. / Andrx Labs, LLC (Davie, US)
A method for reducing serum cholesterol levels in humans comprising orally…

Pellet Formulation for the Treatment of the Intenstinal Tract
US 08496965 B2, July 30, 2013, Norbert Otterbeck / Dr. Falk Pharma GmbH (Freiburg, DE)
A controlled release pellet formulation, comprising…

Pharmaceutical Composition
US 08580304 B2, Nov. 12, 2013, Francisco Henriquez et al. / GlaxoSmithKline LLC (Philadelphia, US)
A pharmaceutical tablet comprising:…

Pharmaceutical Compositions for the Coordinated Delivery of NSAIDs
US 08852636 B2, Oct. 7, 2014, John R. Plachetka / Pozen Inc. (Chapel Hill, US)
A pharmaceutical composition in unit dose form suitable for oral administration…

Pharmaceutical Compositions for the Coordinated Delivery of NSAIDS
US 08858996 B2, Oct. 14, 2014, John R. Plachetka / Pozen Inc. (Chapel Hill, US)
A pharmaceutical composition in unit dosage form in the form of a tablet, said…

Pharmaceutical Compositions Resistant to Abuse
US 08603526 B2, Dec. 10, 2013, Anne-Mette Haahr et al. / Egalet Ltd. (London, GB)
An abuse-resistant pharmaceutical composition comprising a shell resistant…

Pharmaceutical Formulations of a Substituted Diaminopurine
US 08603527 B2, Dec. 10, 2013, Xiaozhong Liang et al. / Signal Pharmaceuticals, LLC (San Diego, US)
A pharmaceutical formulation comprising…

Rapidly Disintegrating, Solid Coated Dosage Form
US 08715729 B2, May 6, 2014, Silke Gebert et al. / BASF SE (Ludwigshafen, DE)
A rapidly disintegrating, solid coated dosage form comprising a solid core…

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