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Angle Modulator, Transmission Device, and Wireless Communication Device
US 08576948 B2, Nov. 5, 2013, Toru Matsuura et al. / Panasonic Corporation (Osaka, JP)
An angle modulator using a frequency locked loop circuit,…

Apparatus and Method for Compensating for IQ Mismatch in Mobile Communication System
US 08630370 B2, Jan. 14, 2014, Hoon-Tae Kim et al. / Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (Suwon-si, KR)
A transmitter for compensating for IQ imbalance in a mobile communication system,…

Apparatus and Method for Transmitting and Receiving Data
US 08605822 B2, Dec. 10, 2013, Jong Soo Lim / Electronics & Telecommunications Research Institute (Daejeon, KR)
A data transmitting apparatus comprising:…

Communication Systems and Methods Supporting Multiple Modulation Techniques
US 08867665 B2, Oct. 21, 2014, Christian Mayer et al. / Intel Mobile Communications GmbH (Neubiberg, DE)
A communication system supporting multiple modulation techniques, the system…

Communications Transmitter Having High-Efficiency Combination Modulator
US 08750421 B2, June 10, 2014, Earl W. McCune, Jr.
A multi-mode communications transmitter, comprising:…

Digital RF Converter, Digital RF Modulator and Transmitter Including the Same
US 08542773 B2, Sept. 24, 2013, Seong Do Kim et al. / Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (Daejeon, KR)
A digital RF converter, comprising:…

Digital Signal Processing Circuit for Generating Output Signal According to Non-Overlapping Clock Signals and Input Bit Streams and Related Wireless Communication Transmitters
US 08705657 B2, April 22, 2014, Jie-Wei Lai et al. / Mediatek Inc. (Science-Based Industrial Park, Hsin-Chu, TW)
A digital signal processing circuit, comprising:…

Dual Channel Transmission
US 08665995 B2, March 4, 2014, Risto Vaisanen / Nokia Corporation (Espoo, FI)
A method, comprising:…

Method and Apparatus for Subband Signal Demodulation in a Transponder Satellite Communication Link Containing a Component of Relayed Interference
US 08553805 B2, Oct. 8, 2013, Peter Monsen et al. / (Stowe, US)
A method for producing a demodulated subband signal in an asymmetrical…

Method to Prevent Phenomenon in Vector Modulator Transmitter
US 08761306 B2, June 24, 2014, Timo Gossmann / Intel Mobile Communications GmbH (Neubiberg, DE)
A transmission circuit, comprising:…

Methods and Apparatuses for Compensation of I/Q Imbalance
US 08588336 B2, Nov. 19, 2013, Håkan Johansson / Signal Processing Devices Sweden AB (Linköping, SE)
A method for compensating an imbalance between an in-phase, I, signal path…

Modulation Apparatus, Modulation Method, Demodulation Apparatus, and Demodulation Method
US 08483316 B2, July 9, 2013, Jae Young Kim et al. / Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (Daejeon, KR)
An apparatus for modulating bit information, the apparatus including:…

Multi-Mode Radio Frequency Modulation Circuitry
US 08509351 B1, Aug. 13, 2013, Marcus Granger-Jones et al. / RF Micro Devices, Inc. (Greensboro, US)
Multi-mode radio frequency (RF) circuitry comprising:…

Polar Transmitter and Related Signal Transmitting Method
US 08472559 B2, June 25, 2013, Hsiang-Hui Chang et al. / Mediatek Inc. (Science-Based Industrial Park, Hsin-Chu, TW)
A polar transmitter, comprising:…

Polar Transmitter Having Digital Processing Block Used for Adjusting Frequency Modulating Signal for Frequency Deviation of Frequency Modulated Clock and Related Method Thereof
US 08804874 B2, Aug. 12, 2014, Kai-Peng Kao et al. / Mediatek Inc. (Science-Based Industrial Park, Hsin-Chu, TW)
A polar transmitter, comprising:…

Quadrature Modulation Without Carrier
US 08553806 B2, Oct. 8, 2013, Stephan V. Schell / Ultrabit Communications LLC (Wilmington, US)
A method, comprising:…

Signal Amplifying Apparatus, Wireless Transmitting Apparatus, and Signal Amplifying Method
US 08681898 B2, March 25, 2014, Jae-Ho Jung et al. / Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (Daejeon, KR)
A signal amplifying apparatus comprising:…

Signal Processing Circuit and Method With Frequency Up- and Down-Conversion
US 08532224 B2, Sept. 10, 2013, Domine Leenaerts et al. / St-Ericsson SA (Plan-les-Ouates, CH)
A signal processing circuit comprising:…

Signal Transmitting Device and Phase Modulated Method for Transmitting via a Signal Transmitting Device
US 08861643 B2, Oct. 14, 2014, Martin Feldtkeller / Infineon Technologies AG (Neubiberg, DE)
A circuit comprising:…

System and Method for Phase Modulation Over a Pulse Width Modulated/Amplitude Modulated Signal for Use in a Radio Controlled Clock Receiver
US 08774317 B2, July 8, 2014, Oren E. Eliezer / Everset Technologies, Inc. (Bloomfield Hills, US)
A radio receiver method, said method comprising:…

System and Method for Simultaneous MIMO Signal Testing With Single Vector Signal Analyzer
US 08576947 B2, Nov. 5, 2013, Christian Volf Olgaard et al. / LitePoint Corporation (Sunnyvale, US)
An apparatus including signal conversion circuitry for converting a multiple…

Transmitter Apparatus
US 08559553 B2, Oct. 15, 2013, Kaoru Ishida et al. / Panasonic Corporation (Osaka, JP)
A transmitter circuit that performs two modulation methods of a polar modulation…

Transmitter Including Calibration of an In-phase/Quadrature (I/Q) Modulator and Associated Methods
US 08774316 B2, July 8, 2014, Mark W. Thompson et al. / Harris Corporation (Melbourne, US)
A transmitter comprising:…

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