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Apparatus and Method for Cross Clock Domain Interference Cancellation
US 08867650 B2, Oct. 21, 2014, Chun-Hung Liu et al. / Realtek Semiconductor Corp. (Science Park, Hsinchu, TW)
An interference cancellation apparatus, applicable to a communication system…

Apparatus and Method for Interference Mitigation
US 08699614 B2, April 15, 2014, Jacobus Cornelis Haartsen / Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (Publ) (Stockholm, SE
A method of decreasing interference in a radio network in which a wideband radio…

Apparatus and Method for Reducing Interference Signals in an Integrated Circuit Using Multiphase Clocks
US 08842766 B2, Sept. 23, 2014, Sankar Prasad Debnath et al. / Texas Instruments Incorporated (Dallas, US)
An integrated circuit (IC) comprising:…

Channel Equalization Using Application Specific Digital Signal Processing in High-Speed Digital Transmission Systems
US 08654884 B2, Feb. 18, 2014, Benjamin James Kerr / Texas Instruments Incorporated (Dallas, US)
A circuit for performing channel equalisation in a high speed transmission system…

Channel Estimate Predicted From Several Previous Channel Estimates, for Pre-Equalization
US 08831130 B1, Sept. 9, 2014, Frank Kowalewski et al. / Ipcom GmbH & Co. KG (Pullach, DE)
A data transmission method, comprising the steps of transmitting an encoded data…

Channel Estimation Utilizing Control Signals Transmitted by an Activating Line During Initialization
US 08559547 B2, Oct. 15, 2013, Carl J. Nuzman et al. / Alcatel Lucent (Paris, FR)
A method of controlling crosstalk between an activating channel associated…

Channel Sounding and Estimation Strategies for Antenna Selection in MIMO Systems
US 08498362 B2, July 30, 2013, Hongyuan Zhang et al. / Marvell World Trade Ltd. (St. Michael, BB)
A method of antenna selection in a multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) system,…

Communication System Performing Interference Alignment and Interference Alignment Method
US 08462873 B2, June 11, 2013, Dohyung Park et al. / Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (Suwon-si, KR)
A communication device of a plurality of communication devices performing…

Communication System With Modulation Classifier and Method of Operation Thereof
US 08665986 B2, March 4, 2014, Jooyeol Yang et al. / Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (Gyeonggi-Do, KR)
A method of operation of a communication system comprising:…

Communication System, Transmission Device, Reception Device, and Communication Method
US 08588325 B2, Nov. 19, 2013, Tomoyuki Ooya et al. / NTT DoCoMo, Inc. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, JP)
A communication system that communicates over frequency channels set by dividing…

Conditional Adaptation of Linear Filters in a System Having Nonlinearity
US 08837626 B2, Sept. 16, 2014, Mohammad S. Mobin et al. / LSI Corporation (Milpitas, US)
A method of adjusting configurable parameters of at least one filter…

Correlation Prevention Methods for Satellite Adaptive Cancellation Links
US 08837627 B2, Sept. 16, 2014, Louis Dubin et al. / Comtech EF Data Corp. (Tempe, US)
A method of reducing signal correlation within a symmetrical adaptive canceller…

Data Modulation and Demodulation Method, Spectrum Management Method, Apparatus and System
US 08625705 B2, Jan. 7, 2014, Jaap van de Beek et al. / Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen, CN)
A spectrum management method comprising:…

Doppler Compensated Communications Link
US 08599956 B1, Dec. 3, 2013, James P. Mitchell / Rockwell Collins, Inc. (Cedar Rapids, US)
A system for compensating for a Doppler frequency shift in communications between…

Dynamic Filter Adjustment for Highly-Spectrally-Efficient Communications
US 08571131 B1, Oct. 29, 2013, Amir Eliaz / MagnaCom Ltd. IL
A method comprising:…

High-Performance Faster-Than-Nyquist (FTN) Signaling Schemes
US 08514966 B2, Aug. 20, 2013, Uri Beitler et al. / Novelsat Ltd. (Ra 'Anana, IL)
A method for communication, comprising:…

Isolated Communication System
US 08611456 B2, Dec. 17, 2013, Hiroyuki Miyachi et al. / Panasonic Corporation (Osaka, JP)
An isolated communication system comprising a transmission unit, a receiving unit…

Link Layer Multicasting Systems and Methods
US 08520764 B2, Aug. 27, 2013, Karthik Sundaresan et al. / NEC Laboratories America, Inc. (Princeton, US)
A beamforming method comprising:…

Method and Apparatus for Transmitting Feedback Information on a Reference Signal
US 08798188 B2, Aug. 5, 2014, Jae Hoon Chung et al. / LG Electronics Inc. (Seoul, KR)
A method of transmitting a channel information, which is transmitted by a user…

Method and Apparatus of Frequency Domain Echo Canceller
US 08619897 B2, Dec. 31, 2013, Yehuda Azenkot / Netlogic Microsystems, Inc. (Irvine, US)
A frequency-domain echo canceller comprising:…

Method and Device for Managing the Operation of an Apparatus, for Example an MB-OFDM Apparatus, in Presence of an Eventual Interfering Signal
US 08457239 B2, June 4, 2013, Friedbert Berens et al. / STMicroelectronics N.V. (Amsterdam, NL)
A method of operating an apparatus in a wireless communication system, the method…

Method and Device for Pre-Coding, and Method and Device for Decoding
US 08781021 B2, July 15, 2014, Yi Luo et al. / Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen, CN)
A method for pre-coding, comprising:…

Method and System for Accurately Converging a Timing Recovery Mechanism and an Equalizer at a Receiver
US 08644416 B1, Feb. 4, 2014, Eyran Lida et al. / Valens Semiconductor Ltd. (Hod Hasharon, IL)
A method comprising:…

Method for Precoding Using a Block Diagonal Matrix
US 08644415 B2, Feb. 4, 2014, George Jöngren et al. / Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson (Publ) (Stockholm, SE
A method in a first node for adapting a multi-antenna transmission to a second…

Method for Reducing Interference in Multi-Cell Multi-User Wireless Networks
US 08472550 B2, June 25, 2013, Toshiaki Koike-Akino et al. / Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Inc. (Cambridge, US)
A method for reducing interference in a wireless network, wherein the network…

Method for Transmitting/Receiving Data in a Multiple-Input Multiple-Output System Using Multi-Carrier
US 08548088 B2, Oct. 1, 2013, Wook Bong Lee et al. / LG Electronics Inc. (Seoul, KR)
A data transmission method for a Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) wireless…

Methods and Apparatus for Dynamic Wireless Device Coexistence
US 08693569 B2, April 8, 2014, Hassan Lashkari et al. / Apple Inc. (Cupertino, US)
A method of mitigating the interference between multiple wireless communication…

Methods and Apparatus for Minimizing Inter-Symbol Interference in a Peer-To-Peer Network Background
US 08462874 B2, June 11, 2013, Aleksandar Jovicic et al. / QUALCOMM Incorporated (San Diego, US)
A method of operating a wireless device, comprising:…

Methods and Systems for Noise and Interference Cancellation
US 08724731 B2, May 13, 2014, Wei Chen et al. / Intersil Americas Inc. (Milpitas, US)
A method for determining a noise cancellation control setting for generating…

Methods of Selecting Signal Transmitting, Receiving, And/Or Sensing Devices With Probabilistic Evolutionary Algorithms in Information Conveyance Systems
US 08457240 B2, June 4, 2013, Muhammad Naeem et al.
A method for selecting transmit and/or receive antennas for systems conveying…

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