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Adaptive Dithering During Image Processing
US 08681880 B2, March 25, 2014, Nick Burns et al. / Apple Inc. (Cupertino, US)
A non-transitory program storage device comprising instructions stored thereon…

Adaptive Filter for Video Signal Processing for Decoder That Selects Rate of Switching Between 2D and 3D Filters for Separation of Chroma and Luma Signals
US 08731072 B2, May 20, 2014, Ravi Ananthapur Bacche / STMicroelectronics International N.V. (Amsterdam, NL)
An adaptive temporal motion filter comprising:…

Adaptive Filtering Based Upon Boundary Strength
US 08798173 B2, Aug. 5, 2014, Shawmin Lei et al. / Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha (Osaka, JP)
A method for at least one of encoding and decoding an image, the image…

Adaptive Interpolation Filters for Video Coding
US 08509316 B2, Aug. 13, 2013, Kemal Ugur et al. / Core Wireless Licensing, S.a.r.l. (Luxembourg, LU)
A method for encoding images in a digital video sequence for providing encoded…

Adaptive Intra Mode Selection
US 08670488 B2, March 11, 2014, Jonatan Samuelsson et al. / Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson (publ) (Stockholm, SE
A method of encoding an input video frame into an encoded video frame, the method…

Adaptive Preprocessing Method Using Feature-Extracted Video Maps
US 08792564 B2, July 29, 2014, Jeongnam Youn et al. / Sony Corporation (Tokyo, JP)
An apparatus for preprocessing a video signal prior to encoding, comprising:…

Adaptive Thresholding of 3D Transform Coefficients for Video Denoising
US 08615044 B2, Dec. 24, 2013, Joel W. Schoenblum / Cisco Technology, Inc. (San Jose, US)
A method, comprising:…

Adaptively Post Filtering Encoded Video
US 08451911 B2, May 28, 2013, Hsi-Jung Wu et al. / Apple Inc. (Cupertino, US)
A method of processing a plurality of successive video images, the method…

Apparatus and Method for Adapted Deblocking Filtering Strength
US 08711950 B2, April 29, 2014, Junichi Minamoto / Sony Corporation (Tokyo, JP)
A picture processing apparatus for carrying out decoding processing to produce…

Apparatus and Method for Filtering Video Using Extended Edge-Detection
US 08638863 B1, Jan. 28, 2014, James Bankoski et al. / Google Inc. (Mountain View, US)
A method for filtering a decoded video stream having a plurality of frames, each…

Block Noise Reducing Apparatus
US 08446966 B2, May 21, 2013, Yasuo Suzuki / Victor Company of Japan, Ltd. (Yokohama, JP)
An apparatus for reducing block noise in an input video signal resulting…

Coding Adaptive Deblocking Filter and Method for Use Therewith
US 08743972 B2, June 3, 2014, Elaine Poon et al. / ViXS Systems, Inc. (Toronto, Ontario, CA)
A deblocking filter module for use in a video processing device that processes…

Combined Scheme for Interpolation Filtering, In-Loop Filtering and Post-Loop Filtering in Video Coding
US 08611435 B2, Dec. 17, 2013, Yan Ye et al. / QUALCOMM, Incorporated (San Diego, US)
A method of filtering one or more video blocks of a video unit during…

Compression Noise Reduction Apparatus, Compression Noise Reduction Method, and Storage Medium Therefor
US 08446965 B2, May 21, 2013, Takahiro Tanaka / Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba (Tokyo, JP)
A compression noise reduction apparatus, comprising:…

De-Blocking and De-Ringing Systems and Methods
US 08537903 B2, Sept. 17, 2013, Kyoungwon Lim / Entropic Communications, Inc. (San Diego, US)
A method, comprising:…

Deblocking Control Method Considering Intra BL Mode and Multilayer Video Encoder/Decoder Using the Same
US 08542750 B2, Sept. 24, 2013, Sang-chang Cha et al. / Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (Suwon-si, KR)
A method for deciding a deblocking filter strength for a frame comprising…

Deblocking Filter and Display Device Having the Same
US 08861618 B2, Oct. 14, 2014, Woo-Young Choi et al. / Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (Suwon-si, KR)
A deblocking filter comprising:…

Deblocking Filter With Mode Control and Methods for Use Therewith
US 08724713 B2, May 13, 2014, Hui Zhou / VIXS Systems, INC (Toronto, Ontario, CA)
A video filter that processes a video input signal having a frame type, wherein…

Deblocking Filtering
US 08526509 B2, Sept. 3, 2013, Andrey Norkin et al. / Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ) (Stockholm, SE
A method of reducing blocking artifacts at a block boundary between a block…

Deblocking Filtering Apparatus and Method for Video Compression Using a Double Filter With Application to Macroblock Adaptive Frame Field Coding
US 08494062 B2, July 23, 2013, Chi-Chang Kuo / Industrial Technology Research Institute (Hsinchu, TW)
A deblocking filtering apparatus for video compression, for filtering a boundary…

Decoding a Video Signal Using In-Loop Filter
US 08634479 B2, Jan. 21, 2014, Seung Wook Park et al. / LG Electronics Inc. (Seoul, KR)
A method of decoding a video signal with a video decoding apparatus, comprising:…

Decoding With Embedded Denoising
US 08831111 B2, Sept. 9, 2014, Liwei Guo et al. / The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Hong Kong, CN)
A method for decoding digital signals, comprising:…

Display System, Image Output Device and Image Display Device
US 08559529 B2, Oct. 15, 2013, Tatsuhiko Nobori / Seiko Epson Corporation (Tokyo, JP)
A display system comprising:…

Dynamic Image Compression Device
US 08532199 B2, Sept. 10, 2013, Shinjiro Mizuno et al. / Panasonic Corporation (Osaka, JP)
A moving image compression apparatus, comprising:…

Encoding Filter Coefficients
US 08687711 B2, April 1, 2014, Per Frojdh et al. / Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson (Publ) (Stockholm, SE
A method of encoding a plurality of filter coefficients of an adaptive filter…

Enhancing Image Quality in an Image System
US RE045082 E1, Aug. 19, 2014, Gary A. Demos / Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation (San Francisco, US)
A method for enhancing image quality in an image…

Enhancing Image Quality in an Image System
US RE044235 E1, May 21, 2013, Gary A. Demos / Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation (San Francisco, US)
A method for enhancing image quality in an image…

Estimation of Temporal Depth of 3D Overlapped Transforms in Video Denoising
US 08619881 B2, Dec. 31, 2013, Joel W. Schoenblum
A computer-implemented method, comprising:…

Filtering and Dithering as Pre-Processing Before Encoding
US 08750390 B2, June 10, 2014, Shijun Sun et al. / Microsoft Corporation (Redmond, US)
A method comprising:…

Filtering Method for Performing Deblocking Filtering on a Boundary Between an Intra Pulse Code Modulation Block and a Non-Intra Pulse Code Modulation Block Which Are Adjacent to Each Other in an Image
US 08787467 B2, July 22, 2014, Takahiro Nishi et al. / Panasonic Corporation (Osaka, JP)
A filtering method for performing deblocking filtering on a boundary between…

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